Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: March 20, 2019

Source There’s just, like, an incessant amount of updates for y’all this week, pretty much stemming from the fact that we missed Saturday’s update post. So here’s an extra large post for ya — and as always, if something updated […]


Story: Found

Source [Family][Hurt/Comfort][Sequel-ish][Incomplete][T-13] By: Elite Shade It’s not every day we get to feature a fanfic OF a fanfic! That’s somewhat of the gist of Found, which continues the story of WastedTimeEE’s superb The Rehabilitation of Dawn Bellwether and A Lamb […]


Art of the Day #318

New Evidence – Disarmed by Mr. Punctual Source [1] Nick and Judy prepare to take down a suspect–but it looks like he’s ready and waiting for them. This is a really great picture; fantastic use of light and shadow, and […]


Story: Oh, WoW!

Source [Action][Crossover][T-13] By: ubernoner First, ubernoner gave us The Sons of Efrafa, which deals in at least partial crossover-esque elements from Watership Down. Now it’s time for a quick-and-dirty World of Warcraft one-shot, which imagines that world and that of […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: March 9, 2019

Art: ExtraneousDominoMask on Tumblr Happy weekend, here are some fic updates for ya. Big ups to TheCatweazle, Empressimperia and IronicSnap for continuing their rad-as-all-heck stories. Don’t see your favorite here? It may need to be submitted! Shoot an email to […]


Story: Guardian Blue: Season 2

[Mystery][Police Work][Detectives][T-13][Complete][Sequel] By: Alps_Sarsis Lost, Fringe, 24 and Game of Thrones — these are regarded as some of TV’s best shows. Add Guardian Blue to that list to make it complete! With a fantastic and gripping story that twists and […]