Forty Glimpses
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Story Updates: May 30, 2020

  Happy Saturday, everybody! Summer is just around the corner, but make sure you stay safe given everything that’s happening right now. Be careful, make good choices, and when all else fails, do something enjoyable to take your mind off […]

Wait for Me to Come Home

Story: Wait for Me to Come Home

Art by MamaSally [Rating T13][Hurt/Comfort][Fluff][Angst][Complete] If you always wanted to read a comforting story about the time after Judy’s resignation from the ZPD and the mammal who helped her back on her feet, then this is your chance to do […]


Art of the Day #448

Judy Hopps fanart by KIaun Source [1] After a hard day making the world a better place, Judy loves nothing more than to snuggle up with her favorite fox…and if he’s not available,there’s always the next best thing. And with […]

Zootopia Firefalls
Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: May 23, 2020

  Anyone else feeling like the days are sort of blending together while cooped up inside? If so, then these Zootopia stories are the perfect remedy for you! Some of them are also getting extremely close to their conclusions, so […]

Sometimes you can cut off a rotting branch, but then you find the rot extends deeper…

Story: Pred and Prejudice

by Midlou [Fluff][Angst][Romance][T13] Nick’s run-in with speciesism in the Junior Ranger Scouts was a turning point in his life. However, the broader implications of that incident – in particular, how deep speciesism runs in the JRS – were left unanswered in […]


Art of the Day #446

Zootopia Unchained by JoenSo Source [1] Now here we have an imaginative piece of fanart; contemplating what Zootopia might have been like, had it been directed by Quentin Tarantino, (endless possibilities, no?) It’s also a perfect example of how the […]


Art of the Day #444

Fenderbender by @Ziegelzeig Source [1] One of the joys of police work is occasionally being called on to play referee. However, if that other fox thinks Nick is going to take HIS side–just because they’re the same species–he’s in for […]


Art of the Day #442

Congratulations by walt-disney-zootopia Source [1] Our featured image for today is another piece of ‘lost’ concept art by Disney artist Cory Loftis. It’s just one of many great Zootopia fanart pics that we have in store for you today.  We’ve […]

Year of Discovery
Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: May 2, 2020

  Heya folks! Sorry for missing you all last weekend, it seems like this whole quarantine business is making even me go stir-crazy. Nevertheless, the big plus for this weekend is that we’re treating you with an extra big batch […]