Story: A Study in Gold

Wanted Ads [Mystery][Victorian][Rating T13] Nick as Holmes and Judy as Watson in a story reminiscent of Doyle’s famous detective stories? Yes please!  Following on the heels of their previous Zootopia story, WANMWAD gives us another amazing mystery fic for us […]


The LewToons Awards Show!

LewToons, a cartoon review and discussion channel with over half a million subscribers, has been undergoing a challenge throughout all of 2016.  Essentially, he went to see every animated movie that released last year and, rather than rating them on […]


Story: Black and White, Red and Blue

Squiggles [Mystery][Romance][Police Procedural][Complete][Rating T13] I have to say, I was genuinely surprised by how much I enjoyed this fic. If you’re a fan of police procedurals done right, then this is the story for you! Superbly detailed and extremely clever, […]


Story: Inexorable

Art: Softlight289 [Drama][Suspense][Dark][Complete][Rating M16] A gripping and intense tale set in a bleak AU where predators are top dog in Zootopia and subjugate prey to their tyrannical rule. A chance encounter brings our duo together, setting off a chain of […]