Art of the Day #126

Nick Wilde 😀 by AndrejSKalin Source [1] Are those earbuds drawn on there?! Oh, wait I’ve been bamboozled! That’s a great trick, I thought they weren’t real for a second there. Here we have an amazing series of drawings by […]


Story: Trials and Tribulations of a Different Kind

Art by: Ziegelzeig [Rating M16][Angst][Romance][Drama][Sequel] The follow-up to Lucario389’s “A Different Kind of Predator” picks right up where its predecessor left off, exploring the newly budding relationship between Nick and Judy against perhaps one of their greatest, weightiest obstacles yet. […]


Story: Closed Doors

Art by: Hawken Carlton [Rating T13][Adventure][Slight Romance][Action] A long-simmering conflict between the forces within Zootopia and those outside it clash in “Closed Doors,” which follows Nick, Judy and an intriguing Jack Savage alongside multiple well-crafted OCs in a battle against […]


Story: Dreams are Fleeting

Art by: Xx-JungleBeatz-xX [Rating T13][Mystery][Romance][Crime] What a fun, winding trip this was! Get ready to be introduced to new characters full of intrigue and mystery as Nick and Judy team up as partners in the ZPD. Stories of betrayal are […]


Story: I Don’t Get It

Art by: I Write Big [Rating T13][Romance][Drama][Music][Complete] A truly unique entry into the Zootopia fiction canon. “I Don’t Get It” explores the muted apathy certain arts can elicit in beings — in this case, Nick’s detachment from music and how […]


Story: A Ghostly Love

Art by: OceRydia [Rating T13][Romance][Supernatural][Mystery][AU] Turn off the lights and break out the candles to get you in the mood for this unusual WildeHopps romance set in the nineteenth century. After purchasing a stately manor that enchants her with its […]


Story: Dusted (A Zootopia Story)

Art by: WindPoro [Rating T13][Romance][Suspense] It can be difficult to pull off an entertaining story that revisits the Nighthowler serum post-movie, but “Dusted” succeeds thanks to some key modifications to the mind-altering substance, coupled with an intriguing plot that shifts […]