Art of The Day #440

Zootopia X Brand New Animal by osnach_kristinat Source [1] Today’s featured image caused a sensation when it it was re-posted on Facebook; it’s the first Zootopia X Brand New Animal crossover pic that we’ve seen so far. (If you’re not […]

Little Mammals with big hearts.

Story: A Bizarre View in Little Rodentia

by Midlou [T-13][Hurt/Comfort][Angst] A small fic that leaves a big impact, Midlou’s story sees Judy having to talk down a suicidal mouse in Little Rodentia. With a rather large presence, both physical and emotional, Judy opens her heart out, providing a […]


Art of the Day #438

An overdue Valentine’s pic :^) by @RelaxableFur Source [1] Our featured and first images for today are by Zootopia fanartist extraordinaire, Relaxable Fur…who just opened up a Patreon Page. (You can find the info here.) And that’s not all.  For […]

It's a Date Temp

Story: It’s a Date

by Jsayra [K9][Romance][WildeHopps][Fluff] There’s always a little awkwardness to be had on the first date, and for Jsayra’s take on WildeHopps, our favourite duo are no exception. Read on for a quick glimpse into Judy and Nick’s life as they […]


Art of the Day #436

Matrix Judy by yelnatsdraws Source [1] Today’s featured image is titled Matrix Judy…but the gesture she’s making actually has a much longer pedigree.  It was a favorite of the late, great Bruce Lee–who always claimed to have learned it from […]


Story: Skyebound

Art by Waga [Rating T13][Fluff][Romance][Action][Slow Burn] A bunny-fox romance at the ZPD, but not with the usual pair. Both OddTheMotoringFox22 and TheUnaccomplishedWriter craft a slow but super cute story where new recruit Jack Savage happens to find himself rather smitten […]


Special Art of the Day #434: Happy Easter, 2020

Happy Easter From Tokyo Disneyland by @QalcoveArt Source [1] Happy Maundy Thursday everyone, (Yep, that’s a real holy day,) and welcome to our 2020 Easter Fanart Collection. We hope that you’re all staying safe and well. Our featured image for […]


Video: Zootopia Trumpets (By: Hazy Mazy86)

Source Are you missing going to the Disney parks yet during this time of uncertainty? Well, fortunately for us YouTube has plenty of videos to fill the void. In this video posted by Hazy Mazy86, we find a big band […]


Art of the Day #433: Carrot Daze

They Call Her Carrots by GuNMouTH Source [1] Hello again, one and all. A couple of weeks ago, we paid tribute to Nick Wilde’s other passion, namely blueberries. For this week’s Art of the Day collection we’re focusing on Judy’s […]