Back row: Berserker88 (sitting on) Nota999, Ryotaro, LMAbacus, Quirky-middle-child (doing a handstand on) Raphael Middle Row: Ask-theZPD, Nathan, Pascal, Moonwolf, Namicle, Tomlocke, ZCskr Front Row: MegaTred, Miller Wong, Sendrax, QNinjar, Andy Lagopus, Shadow9692, Other Andy, Toastee, N00btankz WE DID IT! […]


Story: Dangerous

Source [Mystery] [Crime Drama] [Rated T-13] A highly engaging detective story that departs from the standard calm and collected Jack Savage which is so common in depictions of the character – Nota Author: Dalek Tea Service Description: Jack Savage made […]


Art of the Day #53 – All Together Now!

Welcome To Zootopia! by Lillidan86 Source [1] As the people who designed the posters for Zootopia know, the diverse cast of characters found in the movie makes for some absolutely fantastic group pictures.  So, have 25 really amazing ones from […]


Story Updates: 29 August 2016

Who’s excited for the new Fallout 4 DLC that’s dropping tomorrow?  I, for one, have always wished I could play as a raider because hey, they’re people too.  Even if they do immediately go hostile without giving you a chance […]