Story: Strong Paws

Source: Starfangsecrets


By: Midnightopheliac

Fans of Safe Paws, rejoice! Midnightopheliac is back and underway with the sequel to her fabulous WildeHopps story, which is undoubtedly one of the most well-known of its kind in the whole fandom. It starts off simple enough, Nick and Judy having a new case plopped straight into their laps, but knowing these two, they’re naturals when it comes to stumbling upon far-reaching conspiracies. And as they dig deeper and the threads come together, they’ll need each other to weather the oncoming storm. It’s just as gripping as its predecessor, with more action and mystery thrown into the mix to spice things up, and the way this series handles romance never stops being marvelous. When push comes to shove, there’s no Hopps without Wilde. ~DrummerMax64

Description: Set 2 months after the end of Safe Paws, and with Nick’s probation at the ZPD finally over, our favorite duo can’t wait to delve straight into a case. However, as the clues start to unravel, Nick and Judy find themselves in the dark underbelly of society. Secrets will be uncovered, shadowy pasts will resurface, and old enemies will make themselves known.

Strong Paws

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Additional tags: Strength in mind, strength in courage, strength in love.

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