Art of the Day #210

Oversize Shirt by kit-ray-live Source [1] Hustled again! Will poor Judy ever learn? Nick’s probably got that picture uploaded to his Furbook page already. Of course, Nick never learns either. She’ll get even; she ALWAYS gets even! In the meantime, […]


Story: Greetings from Manta Bay!

Art by DeannART [Rating T13][Humor][Fluff][Friendship] Not long after the events at the junior scouts meeting, a young Nick heads out to spend the holidays with his aunt in Manta Bay. What takes place in this city is sweeter then Halloween […]


Art of the Day #208

Drawing Judy by likime Source [1] A little speedpaint GIF, a drawing of Judy drawing her weapon. (Do ya feel lucky, punk?)  She’s got her flashlight at the ready, too; looks like our intrepid bunny cop is preparing to move […]


Story: Over Your Head and Under Your Nose

Art by TheWyvernsWeaver [Rating M16][Action][Mystery][Hurt/Comfort][Romance] Warning, this is not for the faint of heart! You’ll be taken for a relentlessly menacing ride where danger lurks around every corner and death could happen at a moment’s notice. Some might say Nick […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: 26 May 2018

With summer just around the corner, it’s as good a time as any to catch up on reading your favorites stories before all our fantastic writers in the fandom get so much free time again to whip up some new […]


Story: Ended

Art by Memory627 [Rating K9][Friendship][Romance][Fluff][Complete] Bellwether has been apprehended for masterminding the Night Howler conspiracy, but where do Nicholas Wilde and Judy Hopps head from here? A short ‘n’ sweet piece, three chapters to be exact, focusing on the pair […]


Art of the Day #206

Bootleg Weasel by Habiyeru Source [1] Uh oh, it looks like Duke Weselton — er, I mean Weaselton — is at it again, and now he’s dealing in bootleg blu-ray, with even more discs added to his inventory.. Mind you, […]


Story: Welcome to Sunset Valley

Art by ShadowBunnyDragon [Rating T13][Humor][Supernatural][Parody][Incomplete] It’s the Welcome to Night Vale/Zootopia AU you never knew you needed! Welcome to Sunset Valley, where mysterious shopping malls (and their to-die-for special sales), strange mammals, misplaced radio station interns and demented horoscopes are […]


Story: When the Stars Align (A Zootopia Story)

Art by TheWyvernsWeaver [Rating T13][Mystery][Action][Adventure][Hurt/Comfort][Incomplete] TrentonMixLee’s maiden Zootopia fanfic is a force, from its humble beginnings as Judy Hopps awaits Nick Wilde’s return from the ZPD academy to the moment that threatens to tear apart their newfound partnership for good. […]


Story: No Second Chances

Art by icey1456 [Rating T13][Crime][Romance][Complete] When a well-orchestrated theft at the bank leads to the loss of a million dollar painting, it’s up to our favorite duo to solve the crime and recover the stolen artifact. Laced behind the intricate […]