Story: More Than a Mutt

Art by: Sprinkah [Rating K9][Drama][Family][Hurt/Comfort][Complete] As the title suggests, this is a one-shot that will resonate on an emotional level to those who had to go through the hardships of bullying: the wounds inflicted, the harsh words that cut deep, […]


Story: Silent Enemy

Art by: Blueguynow [Rating M16][Supernatural][Thriller][Crime] Fans of Stephen King, Constantine, and The Dresden Files will find a home in this fic. Those put off by the idea of a Zootopia AU with magic in it, cast your doubts aside. The […]


Story: Take A Stand: Star Of Ceartais

Art by Zl0tty and Funkology [Rating T13][Adventure][Action][Romance][Drama][Crossover] Fans of Garouge Faux/Crewefox’s wildly popular Take A Stand will have a lot of fun with this sequel to that entertaining story! Strap in and get ready for another citywide crisis where the […]


Story: A Fox Sits by a Window

Art by: CynicalConplex [Rating T13][Tragedy][Fantasy][Complete] What started as probably the most important case in Nick and Judy’s careers quickly turns into one of the most powerful endings in a story that I have read in a long time. Euphonemes expertly […]


The D23 Cosplay Compilation!

D23 is the ultimate expo for all things Disney.  So, it’s no surprise that there were dozens and dozens of cosplayers in attendance.  What is, surprising, though, is just how many of these cosplayers were dressed as characters from Zootopia! […]


Story: It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Animal World

Art by: Empressimperia [Rating K9][Adventure][Mystery][Humor][Complete] What an absolute blast to read. I’m a fan of the 1963 classic comedy, but this fanfic takes everything that’s great about it and seamlessly incorporates it into the world of Zootopia, as well as […]


Story: Love’s Tales

Art by: Momichihaku-Ichisan [Rating T13][Humor][Romance][Fluff][Drama] A wonderfully entertaining and captivating love story that will cater to all of your WildeHopps sensibilities. Starting out with the basic premise of these two realizing how enamored they are with the other, this work […]