Art of the Day #394

My lil’ Frien’! by Cory Loftis Source [1] “Say ‘hello’ to my lil’ frien’.” Our featured image for today is a rare treat, a newly discovered piece of ‘lost’ Zootopia concept art by Cory Loftis. (Kudos to ZNN staff member, Gabriel […]

fire triangle
Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: Dec. 4, 2019

Source Updated stories: Uncharted: A Fox’s Legacy by Dangeresque_on_Ice Ouroboros: The Endless Cycle by WANMWAD Born to Be Wilde by Berserker88 & JackOfMinds Clockwork Little Madness by Empressimperia The Fantastic Foxes of Zootopia, Series 1 by J Shute Found by […]