Creative Profile #3: Blueberryandhoney


It’s time for another Creative Profile, and this time, we will be celebrating a writer that has some of the best stories regarding character building and helping you feel like a part of the story. That and the family antics she writes within her stories are so on the mark with how families, especially siblings act toward each other, that I can’t help but smile while reading her stories.

So without further ado, let’s give it up for…


For those of you who don’t know who this amazing author is, she writes some of the fluffiest, family-centric stories out there for the Zootopia fandom. Not only that, but the stories also have some incredibly interesting AUs, with concepts that keep the reader excited as the plots build. Several of these I have placed in the “Drop everything and read that instant” category of fanfiction when I get a notification for them.

One of the stories, Where Legends Came From, is quite a fun tale about a simpler time, set much earlier than the current city of Zootopia. It follows along with Nick, Judy, Skye and Jack as they are kits, with all the adorable shenanigans that come along with such stories.


“En garde?” He asked tentatively. “En garde!” Judy said with a laugh, and with that the two kits parried and thrusted their “swords” with all the experience of two kits who had never seen swordplay and knew nothing about it.”

(I adored this scene when I read it as these two taking on a ‘giant’)


The fun thing about this story is that it has an entire backstory built into it as well, so you can explore a literary universe throughout this one tale. Think Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild(e) in book form, with much more beautiful character design, backstories, fluff, and Nick and Judy.

So… basically think a much better book form of that game in all aspects and you’ll be describing Where Legends Came From, as well as all the rest of Blueberryandhoney’s stories.

Other stories that I adore from her, due to the amazing backstories and family-centricity, are The Perks and the latest non-canon backstory Partner. A little excerpt into the life of Nick’s family:


“Matt’s paws framed her face as he committed every detail to memory. “Gorgeous, you have no idea.” And with those words, a kiss was pressed to her lips, causing Skye to groan in disgust as she covered both of her brothers’ eyes.”


The above is one of the reasons why I really enjoy reading Blueberryandhoney’s works. The writer provides scenes that I can vividly imagine and recognize as moments that could occur.

I’ll finalize this Creative Profile with one of my favorite scenes from my absolute favorite story of hers, Idol.


“Judy?” Her ears quirked towards him before tearing her gaze away from the storm. Raising what was left in his glass, she smiled and mimicked the gesture. “I pray you find happiness here… With me…”

“Lightning moved across the sky in a grace that no dancer could match. 

The easy rain filled the rivers and hydrated the fields. Bit by bit, the Sahara Kingdom became renewed in life and bounty as the fox and bunny stood together, side by side. Cool winds carried a sweetness within them as lavender eyes savored their view. 

With her anxiety gone for the moment, thanks to the wine and residual tea, Judy smiled at the temporarily darkened view.

“Thank you, Prince Nicholas.”

“Please,” he whispered. “Call me Nick.””


You can find Blueberryandhoney at the following website locations, so please go check out her works and be amazed!

See you next time for another Creative Profile! Woot woot!