A Christmas Love Tail

Story: A Christmas Love Tail

Art by HB_runo [Rating T13][Romance][Holidays][One-shot] Ah, the holidays. With weather getting colder (at least for us up in the north), perhaps that’s why we need something comfy and fuzzy to warm up with. StoryCrusader’s bit of WildeHopps festive fluff satisfies […]


Art of the Day #501

Make sure to pick a pumpkin you can actually carry to the car this fall. by @QalcoveArt Source [1] Hello again everybody.   It’s December and the fox is on the pumpkin, (or is it the other way around?)  In any […]


Story: Omnivorous

Art by TBC [Rating K9][Slice of Life][Humor][One-shot] Bug_53 has already experimented with carnivorous rabbits before (see his other awesome fic ‘Hunger’), but here he serves up a more lighthearted, more down-to-earth approach to that concept that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth. […]


Art of the Day #497

Zootopia 1 frame in 2D by HornbillKun Source [1] That moment when Judy said to Nick, “Nope….felony tax evasion.” Hello again everybody….and welcome to this week’s random Zootopia fanart collection. Enjoy, and don’t forget to show the original artists some […]


Art of the Day #495

1990’s by @askalin097 Source [1] Greetings everybody. Today’s Featured Image is a farewell pic from one of our favorite artists. It was the last piece of Zootopia fanart created by A.S. Kalin before he departed to perform his military service. […]

Savage Seas

Story: Savage Seas

Art by TheBlueberryCarrots [Rating T13][Adventure][Mystery][Complete] Nick and Judy have some competition! Follow Zootopia’s other fox-rabbit pair as they tackle a savage mammal crisis of their own in a completely different part of the world. The comfortable length of less than […]


Art of the Day #493

Tired by iPoke Source [1] Annnnd we’re back to our regular Thursday Random Artwork collection. There was no question as to what should be this week’s featured image.  A new Zootopia fanpic from iPoke is practically an event unto itself. […]