Art of The Day #470

Commission by CreativeCrystal Source [1] Greetings fellow fans of Zootopia. For today’s featured image, we have Nick Wilde hanging with one of Big Four Disney canon characters. (We think you can guess the other three.) But wait…there’s more!  We’ve got […]


Art of the Day #468

Judy Hopps Ranger by Alfonso Pardo Martínez Source [1] Today’s Featured Image is one of the most detailed fanart pieces we’ve seen in a long, lonnnng time–color or no color.    It’s also one of those pics where you spot […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: August 1, 2020

  August is finally here, which means we’re smack dab in the middle of summertime. Let’s celebrate the occasion by checking in on all the stories from this past week that received new chapters. There’s both familiar faces and fresh […]


Art of the Day #466

Shake Your Groove Thing by lobowupp Source [1] We always love it when someone creates a crossover image of Zootopia and one of the lesser-known Disney animations. Our featured image for today is just such a pic — Zootopia X […]


Art of the Day #464

Reeeeeee by @RelaxableArt Source [1] Whoa, when that shock-collar light is glowing bright-red and Nick doesn’t even seem to feel it; that’s when you know he’s REALLY torqued! Hmmmm, maybe we’d better not hang around here and instead go check out […]


Story: Happytown

Art by Gwendolynn13 [Rating T13][Friendship][Mystery][Crime][Drama] One of the things that I’ve always loved about following Nick and Judy post movie is their day-to-day lives as cops. This story starts right in the middle of their day, showing us how a […]


Art of the Day # 462

Annoyed Nick by @DantesLunte Source [1] “Blankety-Blank Big Chief Buffalo Butt; can’t the guy take a JOKE?” Our featured (and opening) images for today are by Dante, a relative newcomer to the Zootopia Fanart Community. But whoa, what a way […]