Art of the Day #579

Wilde pizzeria by BitchImAdorable Source [1] Hello again, one and all, and welcome to another fabulous ZNN Art of the Day Collection, brought to you this week by ZOONI Outdoor Pizza Ovens. Whether you’re more worried about causing a gas […]


Art of the Day #578

New Ticketing Vehicle Concept by AAR0NJAY Source [1] Annnnd we are back…with another amazing ZNN Art of the Day Collection Our Featured Image for today is the first in a series of amazing pieces by Aaronjay–depicting a day in the […]


Art of the Day # 577

Judy in the Sand1 by @DigiDaughter Source [1] Heads up, fellow fans of Zootopia; another fabulous Art of the Day Collection is coming at ya. I’ve always loved it when someone just spontaneously creates a piece of Zootopia fanart; likewise […]


Art of the Day #576

Carnivore Judy by @ss1msy Source [1] Actually…we’re not sure it’s the carnivore thing that’s bothering Nick. “Meat, shmeat; you’re gonna put THAT much Wasabi on your tuna roll?” Hello, hello, hello everybody….and welcome to this week’s ZNN Art of the […]


Art of the Day #575

Toony Nick and Judy by @sloppywulf Source [1] Hello again, one and all!  It’s time for another ZNN Art of the Day collection. This week’s Featured Image is the artist’s very first attempt at Zootopia fanart…and as you can see, […]

Fireflies cover: Winter gave permission

Story: Fireflies

Art by TheWinterBunny (with permission) [Rating T+][Humour][Mystery] “I hope everyone is wearing some hiking shoes because we´re about to walk right into Fireflies, the last part of Bluelighthouse´s Firewatch series. Huge forests, large waterfalls and crystal blue lakes, welcome to […]


Art of the Day #574

Keep Your Head Down by @askalin097 Source [1] Hello once again everybody…and welcome to this week’s Art of the Day collection. As many of you good folks are already aware, another one of our favorite artists is the ever-amazing ASKalin.  […]

Sisters Hopps Cover

Story: The Sisters Hopps

[Rating M][Drama][Action] “It seems a long time since Zootopia was released, and indeed a long time since the golden age of fanfiction, where giant ongoing epic stories were one and a plenty. So it warms my heart that years later, […]

Perfect Girlfriend cover

Story: Perfect Girlfriend

[Rating T+][Romance][Hurt/Comfort] “When it comes to special occasions, there’s no guarantee that everything will go swimmingly. Judy finds this out the hard way in this little bit of sweetness and light. -Metro” Author: Chili Wolfie Description : “Judy invites Nick […]

Hall monitors

Story: Hall Monitors

[Rating T+][Humour][Parody] “Day in day out, a group of brave students protect the corridors of the West Savannah Middle School. Whether it´s speeding on the hall way or dealing various sugar products, the hall monitors of the rule enforcement are […]


Art of the Day #571

Cotton Meets Finnick by @QalcoveArt Source [1] Hidy-ho again everybody, and welcome to this week’s Art of the Day collection. Our featured image today is another piece by one of ZNN’s perennial favorite fan-artists, the ever-amazing Qalcove. As you can […]

Social Lubrication

Story: Social Lubricant

Art by Jaff96 [Rating T13][Drama][Friendship] Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A fox and a bunny walk into a bar… And a bit of fluff ensues. Don’t let the fluidy title fool you; this fic is just the thing […]


Merch: Nick Wilde Shopping Bag

Source This just in…the animals of Zootopia were spotted doing their part to help people cut down on their carbon footprint. Adopting more environmentally sustainable practices such as reusable shopping bags is certainly the right thing to do, but isn’t […]