Let's be real. We HAD to feature a Beastars crossover sooner or later.

Story: Zoostars

by J Shute [M16][Crossover][Beastars][Fluff][Angst][Mystery][Comedy][Romance][Complete] Ah, Beastars… The manga/anime many have called a darker, stranger take on Zootopia… Someone had to meld these two worlds together, and that someone it seems is J Shute! Here we see some interesting inter-franchise friendships, humorous […]


Art of the Day #458

First Crossover??? by @RedInk022 Source [1] Today’s featured image refs what is possibly the hottest animated character trending right now; the new, female Lombax from Ratchet & Clank – Rift Apart; seems like everybody wants to draw her. (And, of […]


Art of the Day #457

Zootopia cape crusaders by Kiaun Source [1] “How come I have to be Robin?” Poor Nick, always having to play second fiddle. Hello again, everybody.  As with last week we’ll be presenting random artwork collections for both Monday and Thursday.  […]


Art of the Day #456

Barista Judy! by @Ruffu_ Source [1] ♪ “Officer Judy is walking the beat At night she becomes a barista She works at Snarlbuck’s #40 Down on Haymarket Street Across from The Boutique-Charisma.” ♫ (Apologies to Billy Joey) Okay-y-y-y, when you’re […]


Art of the Day #455

Kylo Wilde by pinkle Source [1] Hello everyone. We’re going to let the themed Art of the Day collections take a little break, but fear not, they’ll be back again soon, promise. In the meantime, today’s featured image was commissioned […]

Fox in the Burrowhouse, Bun in the City

Story: The Long Game

by Mikey2084 [Drama][Romance][M16] We’ve seen plenty of fics showing the dynamic duo of Nick and Judy getting on well together. This story offers something new, having the fox leave for Bunnyburrow while Judy has her own case in the city. With […]

Omnomnomnomnom... Omnomnom.. Nom...

Story: Hunger

by Bug_53 [Horror][Supernatural][Complete][T13] A classic monkey’s paw setup, but executed perfectly. When Judy finds herself put off by Nick eating meat, she wonders what it might be like for her to be able to enjoy it. However, after being offered a […]


Art of the Day #452

Zootopia 2: Training Day by Gulliver63 Source [1] Who recognizes this movie…anyone? All we can say is if Judy thought Parking Duty was a rough gig for a rookie-cop, she has no idea how bad it can get.  Ohhh, this […]

The Sound Designer

Story: The Sound Designer

Art by LionKingAlex [Rating T13][Mystery][Crime][Police Procedural] Bunnies can hear lots of things, especially when they record sounds for a living. When a sound designer at a local TV studio accidentally records a break-in at a local pet shop, he soon […]