Art of the Day #320

Nick Wilde Sketch by @HenriekeDraws
Source [1]

One of my very favorite Zootopia fanartists is a chap named Henrieke Goorhuis. The first time I saw some his Zootopia-themed pics, I was so impressed, I began following him on Twitter. His style reminds me a lot of the works of Gascony and Uderzo (of Asterix fame) together with the late, great Walt Kelly (creator of Pogo).

Regrettably, he doesn’t draw a whole lot of Zootopia-related artwork (not enough for an album, sad to say). This Nick sketch is the first one I’ve seen in a long, long time, (and it dates back almost three years).

The good news, as illustrated by the artwork below, is that this far from the only new piece of Zootopia fanart to hit the net over the past couple of weeks.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.


Winter lov by Trashasaurus Rex
Source [2]

WildeHopps by amatelast
Source [3]

The Candy Shop by Catchguess
Source [4]

Unknown by Space Pirate Judy
Source [5]

Judy and Nick in a Bonnie and Clyde style au! by kisu-no-hi
Source [6]

Zootopia fanart by XAV-Drawordie
Source [7]

Source [8]

Happy Birthday! by @B_BudArt
Source [9]

Birthday bunny indeed! by @Gerry_AAB
Source [10]

Change Starts With You by kungfufreak07
Source [11]

Agent Nicholas P. WIlde by juanriforce
Source [12]

3 years by Gerardson
Source [13]

Judy in heather wedding dress by HakuPeony
Source [14]

Zootopia SS2018 For KLM by HakuPeony
Source [15]

Unknown by ばろ
Source [16]

Unknown by もえぎ(m_it)
Source [17]

Unknown by もえぎ(m_it)
Source [18]

Unknown by もえぎ(m_it)
Source [19]

3 Years of Zootopia by W David Stphens
Source [20]

-Zootopia- Nick ‘n Judy by Thyloguy
Source [21]

Judy Hopps by AndrejSKalin
Source [22]