Art of the Day #261

Wilde…Nick Wilde by dogear218 Source [1] The name’s Wilde…Nick Wilde. There’s nothing like getting a little irony in your diet.  The old, original Zootopia plot was actually supposed to be a spy story, Savage Seas. In the meantime, your mission, should […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: 28 August 2018

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? Well, I’m doing just fine, and I hope you all are too. Personally, I’m in the mood for some quality reading, and good news, we have just that in this story update post […]


Art of the Day #259

Together by RyngsRaccoon Source [1] I’ve always loved pictures like this. You look at this and you wonder what the two of them are thinking. Judy is no doubt contemplating the future and all that it may hold. Nick is […]


Story: Excuses

Art by Frava8 [Rating K9][Fluff][Romance][Friendship][One-shot] A short but fun fluff piece, one that does a beautiful job showcasing a bit of the in-sync verbal sparring we all know Nick and Judy participate in on a daily basis. The author does […]


Art of the Day #257

Bart Writes Zootopia Lines by KBAfourthtime Source [1] Yes, actually this is Zootopia related. Take a look at the words Bart is writing on the blackboard. And when you’re done with that, you might also want to take a look […]


Story: Trustworthy

Art by Anto-Z [Rating K9][Friendship][Humor][One-shot] An unexpected sighting on her day off has Judy wondering if Nick is reverting back to his old ways, or is there more to it than that? I won’t give away what the surprise is, […]