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NaZoWriMo Week 5: Finale

(Source) Congratulations to everyone who participated in our first ever National Zootopia Writing Month! There’s only one step left: Send in your story! Follow this link and fill out the form! Include the title, the word count, your name, a brief […]

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Story Post: The Faded Line

DragonwolfRooke [Rating T13][Dark AU] A great envisioning of where Nick and Judy would be had they never met initially and the TAME initiative actually got passed into law to employ shock collars onto all predators. Nick dives deeper into criminal […]

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Art of the Day #71- Clawhauser Love

Benjamin Clawhauser by Slurku Source [1] Officer Clawhauser is one of the most adorable cops ever seen on the big screen.  There’s a reason the fandom has taken to calling him a “precious cinnamon roll”.  And he doesn’t get as much […]