Try Everything- Vocals by Airhorn

Full disclosure- I don’t mind the whole “songs into airhorns” thing.  In fact, I personally find it kinda funny. Now, get me totally sleep-deprived (like I am currently) and stuff like this just makes me laugh way harder than it […]


Story Updates – 28 May 2016

Source This has been a busy week for you writers, hasn’t it?  We’ve gotten at least a dozen new chapters this past week, which is pretty dang sweet for those reading them. Updated Stories: Always my Sly Bunny, Always my […]


Art of the Day #29

Hello from a beautiful place by numenskogSource [1] Sometimes, I wish polaroid photos were still a thing.  I mean, there’s just something about pictures like this that just scream “Classic”.  And having space to write out a little about the […]


Learn how to dance like a tiger!

You know the dance the tigers do with Gazelle at the end of the movie?  Have you ever wanted to learn how to do that yourself?  Well, never fear, Professor Daniel Saboya has you covered! Even if you don’t speak […]


Story: Burdens of the Son

Source (Commissioned especially for this story) [Drama] [Romance] [Humor] [Rated T-13] The first story in this series, Never Time to Say Goodbye, was absolutely phenomenal and heart-wrenching.  And so far, Burdens of the Son does it just as well.  After all, […]