NICK X JUDY by: captain安 If you remember back in August, we covered a certain Disney-licensed Chinese mobile Zootopia game that doubles as both a puzzle and simulation game. However, thanks to juantriforce042, we have discovered something GROUNDBREAKING for Wildehopps shippers. If you haven’t […]


Story: Fifteen Halloweens Between

Art by TheWyvernsWeaver [Rating K9][Fluff][Holiday][One-shot] Have nothing to do to celebrate Halloween this year, no trick-or-treating or anything like that? Then at the very least get into the Halloween spirit by enjoying this adorable holiday one-shot with everyone’s favorite fox […]


Story: Halloweek 2018 – The Storyline

Art by Ziegelzeig [Rating T13][Adventure][Horror][Holiday][OC] A fantastic mix of Zootopia and old monster stories, we see Ziegelzeig and OceRydia as demon and demon hunter, working together and maintaining the same level of wit and verbal sparring they are known for […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: 30 October 2018

See, this is what happens when we don’t have a story update post for a couple of weeks. The stories just keep piling on and on! It’s a testament though to the skill and dedication of the authors in our […]


Story: In the Embrace of Night

Art by The Phantom Beyond [Rating M16][Suspense][Horror][Holiday][One-shot] Mysterious happenings around the city of Zootopia kick off this spine-tingling one-shot, making our crime-fighting duo wonder if the enigmatic being they’re chasing is hostile and, quite possibly, supernatural. It isn’t long before […]


Change Is Coming!

That’s right! Winter Change is coming! What does that mean for you, the reader? Not terribly much. However, things might look slightLy different come November 5th. (Remember, remember, the 5th of November.) Why would they look different on that day, you […]


Art of the Day #278

Day 6 – Drooling by ilazua Source [1] Benjamin Clawhauser shares an intimate moment with the the love of his life. Ahhh, I hate to intrude upon such a touching scene, so maybe we’d best go check out the latest […]


Story: Van Wilde

Art by Knoton13 [Rating T13][Supernatural][Horror][Crossover] It doesn’t get more gothic horror than this in the Zootopia fandom! Expertly combining our favorite Zootopia characters with the sinister world of the 2004 Van Helsing film and its prequel, “Van Wilde” provides quality […]


ZNN 2018 Halloween Contest Reminder

✨🎃2016Halloween!!👻✨ by @noko_ume_ Source [13] Hello! It’s Lucario389 here to remind you that the final day for submissions for the ZNN 2018 Halloween Contest is Monday at 11:59 p.m., October 22nd. The next day will be the day we start the […]


Art of the Day #276

Zorro by thewyvernsweaver Source [1] Nick as Zorro? Well, why not? The word does mean ‘fox’ in Spanish. And in fact, Disney once produced a Zorro TV series, so there are two connections right there. And right now, we present […]