Art of the Day #321: The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring

Cherry blossom 桜 by weketa
Source [1]

When you stop to think about it, flowers played a significant role the Zootopia movie. The first time Judy encountered Duke Weaselton was right after he robbed a flower shop. The missing Emmitt Otterton was also a florist, and, of course, the savage predator plot revolved around a species of toxic flower known as Nighthowlers (Midnicampum holicithias).

And so, to honor of the advent of spring, we present an album of Zootopia fanart dedicated to the beauty of flowers.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.

We open with a pair of early concept drawings, showing the first versions the infamous Nighthowler blossoms.  As you can see from the caption, they were originally known as The Mysterious Blue Flower.

Mysterious Blue Flower by Armand Serrano
Source [2]

Mysterious Blue Flower2 by Armand Serrano
Source [3]

Little Judy helping Little Nick gather flowers for his mom.

Mum’s by ajie-g-sketchbook
Source [4]

Making the presentation, d’awwwww

zoo log2 by 剱海
Source [5]

Wrong color for a bride — a bridesmaid, perhaps?

Flower Judy by 剱海
Source [6]

I think this one may have been meant as part of a dream sequence.  (Yep, those are Nighthowlers.)

Blue Flower by strangerkate
Source [7]

AKA Dandelions

Judy Hopps with Sow-thistle by Elveariel
Source [8]

Flowers for You by SatynaPaper
Source [9]

Flower girl Judy Hopps by angelucifa by angelucifa
Source [10]

Now, a couple of pics with Judy wearing a flower crown; there’ve been quite few variations on this theme posted over the years. 

tumblr_o8a66iUaQv1try1pvo1_1280 by princess-beauty-case
Source [11]

Judy flower-crown by thefredericus
Source [12]

Well… why should she have all the fun?

Flower Crown Nick by berriazul
Source [13]

[Title Unknown] by judy-hoppswilde
Source [14]

Picking out flowers for your girlfriend…

Flower Garden by @kimagurewface
Source [15]

…and then presenting them to her…

tumblr_o6x477qZja1upyvrno1_1280 by majikokoko
Source [16]

…can sometimes lead to an awkward situation…

WildeHopps – Happy Valentine’s day by RobertFiddler
Source [17]

…but it’s always worth it in the end.

A bunch of flowers by Lime-Hael
Source [18]

We continue with a series of flower images featuring Nick and Judy together.

Flowers by weketa
Source [19]

Bunny Cuddle by Thefredericus
Source [20]

[Commission] Zootopia: You and Me Under the Tree by Dari-Dari
Source [21]

If this ever happens, you know there’s going to be just oodles of flowers

Marry Me by CPKon
Source [22]

Next up, a short series featuring Zootopia’s favorite florist, Emmitt Otterton.

Mr. Otterton (Zootopia) by Leo-Artis
Source [25]

Mr.B’s garden by ThankU830309
Source [24]

Here’s a pair of flower pics featuring Nick and Judy in feral form.

. Sly Fox . by Dark-Unik0rn
Source [26]

Yes, those are Nighthowlers.

. Night Howlers . by Dark-Unik0rn
Source [27]

In conclusion, we wish to observe that it is not impossible for Nick Wilde to actually become a flower.  He is, after all, quite the narcissist.

Plant Nick Welcomes Spring by feverwildehopps
Source [28]

Until next time…