The Story of the Storyboard – Zootopia Development Timeline

“The First Bunny Cop Storyline” – by RobertFiddler

Long before Zootopia became the movie we all know and love, the plot went through many different iterations, changing everything from the characters to the setting numerous times. Like the cycling of the seasons, each new storyboard brought forth diverse new changes, before the team eventually settled on the final product that was released in 2016.

But many years ago, the movie’s original plot was almost unrecognizable. Over time, as the storyboards were developed, the plot gradually became what it is today, but not before going through at least three previous versions, all of which are detailed in this beautiful (and highly informative) art piece by the talented RobertFiddler.

From Savage Seas to Nick and Judy, every last detail of the transformative process that made Zootopia is explained through these Stories of the Storyboard




  1. You know, I would really love for Jack Savage and Skye to have their own movie and I would love to see this world version of James Bond. Can someone please start a petition or a kickstarter for that, please?

  2. I love how it was expressly said that “neither of them was a supporting character for the other. They were both the lead…”

    This gives the idea for me that since Z1 was told more in Judy’s POV, Z2 will probably be told more from Nick’s POV. No, it will NOT be Z1 “rehashed” from Nick’s side (G-d forbid!!), but proper sequel, told by Nick as he worked along his (more reckless) partner, fighting his own growing feeling for her, and even though clad in blue still have to overcome the prejudice against foxes.

  3. Omg, I never knew about the 2nd plot where Nick and Judy are just a remodeled version of Jack and Skye. I alway thought the plot went straight from the ‘savage seas’ one to the ‘Wilde Times one’. This was super interesting thank you for posting this!

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