OC Albums Vanya

Story: OC Albums: Vanya

Art by KungFuFreak07 [Rating K9][Drama][Crime][OC] A side-prequel if you will to Omnitrix’s main fic, ‘Something Stinks,’ this fanfiction gives a look into the past and exploits of foxy antagonist Vanya. Every villain has their origin story, and this arctic fox […]

A One Side Love or...Not

Story: A One Side Love or…Not?

Art by lillayfran [Rating K9][Romance][Friendship][Fluff][One-shot] Another little WildeHopps one-shot, only in this case it’s a certain bunny wanting to confess how she feels. How might she do it? Check out this short and fluffy one-shot to find out. ~OH_Shoot Author: […]

Foxes in the Burrow

Story: Foxes in the Burrow

Art by mistermead [Rating K9][Fluff][Romance][OC][AU] Do you want some high-school-setting cuteness, fluff, and maybe a potential romance that (while not WildeHopps) is interesting, different, and totally, totally adorable? Well, with Exewon having teenager Nick pack his bags and move out […]


Art of the Day #529

Zootopia Fanart by EcOkez2 Source [1] Well-l-l-l, we all know what happens next, right folks? “You know Nick, if you were to buy me a really nice dinner, I might NOT have to show this around the precinct.” Hello once […]

The Fire Triangle Part Two Oxidizer

Story: The Fire Triangle: Part II – Oxidizer

Art by Merc_Marten [Rating T13][Crime][Mystery][Suspense][Thriller][Sequel] If you were to ask everyone what the best Zootopia fanfiction was, they’d all have different answers, but mine would be Merc_Marten’s Fire Triangle saga. And now it carries on in part two, and things […]

Dumb Fox

Story: Dumb Fox

Art by ZHADART [Rating T13][Romance][Fluff][One-shot] Sly bunny, dumb fox. Dumb fox, Sly bunny. Sometimes the simplest things are the best, and this little one-shot knows it. A delightful dose of WildeHopps romance and fluff, for those in need of their […]

When Night Falls

Story: When Night Falls

Art by Kikis-Art-Journey [Rating M16][Romance][Crime][Drama][Sequel] How can you follow up the most popular Zootopia fanfic of all time? How can anything even match up to it? Well, upplet, faced with this daunting task, has risen up to the challenge in […]


Art of the Day #526

Son of Bun by @jaff96art Source [1] Et Bonjour fans of Zootopia. This coming Thursday, March 4, will mark the 5th anniversary of Zootopia’s US release.  And so, we’re going to switch the themed and random collections around for this […]