Story: Rookie

Art by Temiree [Rating T13][Crime][Drama][OC] A second outbreak of savage mammals inflicted with the night howler serum, except this time prey are among the afflicted? It’s a rotten situation – then again, that’s always the case when night howlers are […]


Story: Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Boy

Art by progressoftomorrow [Rating T13][Romance][Angst][Hurt/Comfort][Complete] Judy and Nick adopt a baby fox kit that already has a troubled past even in its short life thus far in “Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Boy.” The process takes them through many twists and […]


Story: Zootopia: Unbroken

Art by TheTater [Rating T13][Drama][Hurt/Comfort][Complete] No matter your relationship with a person, how easy can it be to open up about some of the darkest parts of your past? That’s the question “Zootopia: Unbroken” sets out to answer as Nick […]


Story: Drabbles for Zootopia and Beyond

Art by Tragobear [Rating M16][Romance][Fluff][Drama][Slice of Life][Collection] An outstanding drabble collection from the imaginative mind of HerAld_90 that entertains and impresses with its concise chapters. Many of these drabbles do a stellar job of expanding on the Zootopia universe, traversing […]


Art of the Day #185

Judy’s Adventures in Wonderland by GAKUJO Source [1] People just love drawing our favorite Zootopia characters in other franchises as other characters. They all are fantastic renditions and make us fall in love with not just these characters all over […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates 22 March 2018

Not a whole lot to say this time around, so let’s just cut to the chase, shall we? Ten updated stories for you all today, including a couple from Cimar’s wonderful collaboration project, a few thrillers, plenty of WildeHopps works, […]


Zootopia Fun Facts!

Something has to be going on, right? Disney has been giving us a lot of Zootopia stuff over the past month. Maybe they’re doing something big? (Nah, it can’t be) Disney is hitting us with more Zootopia! But this time, […]


Story: Nick Wilde: Ace Attorney

Art by Quirky-Middle-Child [Rating T13][Parody][Humor][Crossover][Complete] What do you get when you mix the Zootopia universe and its beloved characters with the Ace Attorney series of video games? One heck of a wacky crossover, that’s what! Join Nick Wilde and Judy […]