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Story Updates 31 January 2017

Having a Lazy Tuesday?  Why not be productive and spend some time reading the updates for these awesome stories?  We’ve got quite a few in store for you today, some happy, some sad, but all of them a whole lot […]


Story: The Stir of Echoes

Creepy Swing [Rating T13][Action][Drama][Mystery][Complete][Noir] Alan is back at it again with this sequel.The story follows Nick as he attempts to find Gideon Grey after he goes missing. The entire fic has a nice flow and pacing which will keep you […]


Story: Incident

Judy is Dead [Hurt][Trauma][Rating T13] A tragic oneshot based on the Judy is Dead AU, depicting a possible scenario of what happened to our favorite bunny. True to its source material, this fic hits hard despite not going into said […]


Story: Under an Iron Fist

ServalSketch [Angst][Drama][Hurt][Comfort][Distopian AU][Rating M16] A grimdark story told through the first person lens of Nick Wilde. When waking up from a coma after a severe hate crime attack, he finds the entire Zootopia a dystopian dictatorship where prey openly attack […]


Story: Don’t You Remember?

TWStacker86 [Romance][Friendship][Rating T13] Nick and Judy are having the time of their lives, both as partners on the force and as boyfriend and girlfriend, until a nasty accident shatters it. Judy becomes afflicted with amnesia, causing her to forget everything […]


Story: We’ve Got Everything

Sanjiseo [Romance][Holidays][One-Shot][Rating T13] This is an interesting piece that delves into the mind of our suave and humorous fox. Written in a stream of consciousness style, the entirety of this one-shot is Nick’s inner monologue as he’s driving to the […]