Story: End of Days



By: Discord1

Zootopia is under attack — well, more specifically, it’s been under attack for two years. Enter Nick and Judy, who are shaken from their newfound positions as partners at the ZPD and thrust into a battle for survival and for control of the city they had already tried so hard to save. And just who is their enemy, anyway? Discord1 writes with a look toward both the past and present as the story unfolds, revealing new pieces of the plot while the surviving characters keep one another alive and fight for an uncertain future. ~YFWE

Description: Nick and Judy are freedom fighters for the Mammal Coalition in the battle to save their world from a planet-wide invasion. Will they prevail, or topple into extinction?

End of Days

Additional tags: oh also nick’s got the hots for judy duh

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  1. was like oh cool another post apocalyptic zootopia story, then i saw what they were wearing and was like oh thats a division/zootopia crossover story… now that made it a lot more interesting definitely going to be reading this

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