Story: Electric Eldritch Eidolon

Art by: TheWyvernsWeaver [Rating M16][Thriller][Horror][Supernatural] It takes something special to write a Zootopia story in which one of the main characters dies in the first few paragraphs, but Electric Eldritch Eidolon pulls it off masterfully. What follows is a suspenseful […]


Story: The Zootopia Princess Bride

Art by: OceRydia [Rating T13][Romance][Humor][Fluff][Crossover] Two of the fluffmasters in the Zootopia fanfiction community join forces to create a delightfully winsome tale that’s as irresistible and enchanting as the two leads from both movies it involves. Swords clash, wits are […]


Story: Animal Instinct

Art by: TheWaywardKid [Rating M16][Drama][Romance][Complete] It’s always fun to read an author’s take on how Nick and Judy get together, and this story is no different. With some top-notch banter that feels very true to character, hustles of the emotional […]


Art of the Day #110

Come on Partner… by Neytirix Source [1] Hey everyone, Dominic Faux here! Today we’ve got some more great art for you all. Nothing special in the way of theme, but all around enjoyable arts. Get your art after the break! Dominic […]


Story: Emergency

Art: Vovdog [Rating K9][Epistolary] [Slice-of-Life] [Drama] This story is told in an Epistolary way, meaning it’s told through letters, diaries, or some other documentation, and I love it. It’s a really unique way to tell a story, which allows the […]


Story: Zoocific Rim

Art by: Tohofuhai [Rating T13][Sci-Fi][Action][Adventure][Crossover] A ridiculously entertaining romp in which mammals in giant robots duke it out with giant monsters to save the world from impending annihilation. If you’re a fan of the movie Pacific Rim, then you’ll undoubtedly […]


Story: Unbounded Love

Art by: あたこ [Rating T13][Romance] Fans of sweet, sweet romance will absolutely adore this collection of short stories all centered on that silly little thing we call Love. Set in a time where Nick and Judy have married while Gazelle […]