The Original Pawpsicle Hustle Storyboard (by Brian Kesinger)

In wake of Zootopia’s third anniversary, concept artist Brian Kesinger, who helped provide his talents to our favorite movie, has released some never-before-seen storyboards showcasing the O-G Pawpsicle hustle!

In the twitter post, Kesinger shows off four unique storyboard images, each one brimming with color and detail, and providing new insights into the development of the movie’s original story.

Even before it was put to the big screen, it’s clear that the designers behind this scene had a strong idea of just how Nick Wilde’s hustle was supposed to play out, with the storyboard, despite its age (this was before Clawhauser was drafted to the ZPD), following the exact same plan as the one seen in the final product, right down to the paw-prints in the snow. Some hustles are just too perfect to change.

Feel free to check out the post after the break!


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  1. The first pic, Ben rolling the Jumbo Pop with Finnick (it mean “rolling the Jumbo Pop AND Finnick”)… I can’t stop laughing! XD

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