Story: Guardian Blue: Season 1

Art by Alps Sarsis [Rating T13][Adventure][Hurt/Comfort][Romance][Humor][Crime][Complete] Hold on to your tails, ladies and gentlemammals, because this is a big one, a real knockout in the fandom. The first main work in Alps Sarsis’ widely popular and positively enjoyable series, “Guardian […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates 28 April 2018

The weekend has arrived, so now’s the perfect time for you to get your fix of Zootopia fanfics to indulge in over the next couple of days. What else will you do for your time this weekend? Surely nothing big […]


Say My Name (ZMV by Tiffany_)

The editing here is OK, but I felt some Wildehopps vibes, so I won’t complain!  YouTube user Tiffany_  has made an amazing ZMV with the song “Say My Name”. The editing is good as most of the transitions were timed […]


Story: CA$H ONLY

Art by WastedTimeEE [Rating M16][Crime][Humor][Incomplete] OK, so, Duke Weaselton, right? Certainly one of the unsung heroes of the Zootopia franchise (this has been today’s red-hot take on ZNN dot com). He snags a starring role in I Write Big’s acutely […]


Story: Hammer to Fall

Art by TheCatweazle [Rating T13][Drama][Romance][Crime][Action][Sequel] You better brace yourselves, because the final part of TheCatweazle’s amazing trilogy containing the works “Wound” and “Nightmare”, as they’re more colloquially known, is finally in full swing. Brilliantly setting the stage for another big […]


And The Winner Is!

ID2018 by TheWyvernsWeaver Hello there, Lucario389 here to tell you who the winner of our most recent interview vote is! I am glad to tell you that Kulkum and TheWyvern’sWeaver are the winners of the voting process. Now, you are […]


Story: The Keyhole

Art by ShadowBunnyDragon [Rating T13][Family][Hurt/Comfort][Mystery][Sequel] A sequel to “The Door”, Elite Shade continues to explore the concept of humans in Zootopia. The feelings of adjusting to new circumstances are excellently done, and a sprinkle of mystery surrounding humans and night […]


Story: Just Keep Being You

Art by Neytirix [Rating T13][Hurt/Comfort][Romance][Tragedy][One-shot] One change in a character’s decision can make all the difference. That’s what TheoreticallyEva sets out to explore in this awfully sad one-shot where things don’t work under the bridge, sending Judy in a downward […]


Story: Zootopia’s Finest

Art by Pawpsicle [Rating M16][Drama][Crime][Romance][Suspense] Nick and Judy are two peas in a pod, great friends both on and off the clock who’ve been through a lot together, and in this story, they become embroiled in a compelling tale that […]


Story: It’s Quiet Uptown

Art by donadona [Rating T13][Hurt/Comfort][Drama][One-Shot] A death in Judy’s family hits closer to home than usual, sending her and Nick on a chase to figure out the culprit. But this isn’t a tale of revenge; rather, it fills in the […]