Art of the Day #153

Nick Wilde preparing for Christmas) by AndrejSKalin Source [1] Hey there everyone! Hope y’all are having a wonderful holidays. Where I am, it’s currently about 4 degrees farenheit, so im not planning on going outside anytime soon. So snuggle up […]


Story: Barkeeps

Art by OceRydia [Rating T13][Humor][OC] Sit back and crack open some brews to get yourself in the mood for this one – a fun, lighthearted and easygoing story that will enliven your senses and provide an endless supply of laughs […]


Story: When The Stars Wish Me Dead

Art by cabbaj [Rating T13][Crime][Hurt][Comfort][OC][Incomplete] Crafting a well-done OC-based fanfic enticing to casual fans despite a shifted focus from that property’s main characters is no easy task in any fandom. Luckily, Cabbaj is no ordinary writer, and “When the Stars […]


Story: Between the Lines

Art by TheWaywardKid [Rating T13][Friendship][Romance][Drama] It’s no secret to any fans of Zootopia that Nick and Judy have authentic chemistry, a steadfast bond between them that can withstand all sorts of challenges, including prejudice and heartbreak. Taking place directly after […]


Story: Whitfur’s Gambit

Art by WordSPark37 [Rating T13][Crime][Mystery][Action][Complete] Within the first few chapters of “Whitfur’s Gambit,” Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps are removed from the Zootopia police force by their own paw (or… mouth) — and for good reason, because their latest case […]