Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: March 9, 2019

Art: ExtraneousDominoMask on Tumblr Happy weekend, here are some fic updates for ya. Big ups to TheCatweazle, Empressimperia and IronicSnap for continuing their rad-as-all-heck stories. Don’t see your favorite here? It may need to be submitted! Shoot an email to […]


Story: Guardian Blue: Season 2

[Mystery][Police Work][Detectives][T-13][Complete][Sequel] By: Alps_Sarsis Lost, Fringe, 24 and Game of Thrones — these are regarded as some of TV’s best shows. Add Guardian Blue to that list to make it complete! With a fantastic and gripping story that twists and […]


Art of the Day #316

Zootopia 3rd Anniversary!! by @do2910na Source [1] This cannot be said too many times. Happy third anniversary to the Disney animated film most deserving of a sequel! Are you listening, Mr. Iger? I mean… three years on and folks are […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: March 6, 2019

Art: TheWyvernsWeaver Y’all were busy these last few days! As such, so, too, will be you, the readers. Unless there’s nothing here that strikes your fancy. In which case, uh… go read Water Under the Bridge for the hundredth time? […]


Creative Profiles #2: BerriiAzul

Welcome back for another edition of Creative Profiles! Last time we featured the artist known as kykez87 on DeviantArt. Today, we’ll feature a second artist coming from that site, this time… BerriiAzul !! This is an artist I enjoy due […]


Story: Bonded Through Ink

Art: @shirakumaou [Fluff][Love][Soulmate][T-13] By: megan_peabody31 An idea that I had never thought of before! Bonded By Ink beautifully crafts a world where soulmates can communicate before ever meeting in real life. Beautifully setting up Nick and Judy’s relationship, this is […]

art: tytoz

Story: Animals

Art: tytoz [Drama][Sci-Fi][Action][Crossover][Incomplete][M-16] By: Mattchewy This is a bit of a weird one; try to keep up. In the world of “Animals,” there are many dimensions, some similar to our own, and some akin to what we’ve seen in the […]