Story: Vootopia

Art by iPoke [Rating M16][Drama][Supernatural][Complete] Judy is sensing a bad juju here, as it turns out that magic isn’t just confined to Halloween. For this spooky story, ubernoner weaves together an intriguing and fun tale where it turns out that […]


Comic: Mind The Gap! (By: Arzmx)

Source Sometimes we just can’t help but be slaves to our more base instincts, and apparently neither can the mammals of Zootopia, be it wolves howling, Judy tapping her foot, or apparently Nick feeling the urge to dive down a […]


Comic: Zootopia Badge (By: Xiraxis)

Source Despite all the beauty and opportunity a city like Zootopia has (it is where “anybody can be anything” after all) the city is not without its shortcomings. Not everybody gets to live happily and not every place is safe […]


Art of the Day #486: The Colors of Autumn, 2020

Autumn in Zootopia by @DantesLunte Source [1] Hello again everybody….and welcome to our 2020 Autumn Fanart Collection. Better hold on to your scarves, folks….because here comes some awesome Zootopia Fall fanart.  For this year’s gallery we were lucky enough to […]

Children of Janus

Story: Children of Janus

Art by giftheck [Rating T13][Sci-Fi][Action][Sequel] After the Terminator-inspired time-travel hijinks of ‘Futures Past,’ giftheck follows up on his story of the fox who came from the future to save the past. Nick and Judy may think that it’s all over […]


Art of the Day #485

What is this? A crossover episode? by patanu102 Source [1] Speaking of crossover pics, (see Monday’s Art of the Day collection) today’s featured image is a doozy; Zootopia, BoJack Horseman, Beastars, and Brand New Animal. (For shame, Shirou…cribbing Nick’s routine […]


Art of the Day #484: Even More Disney Crossovers

Kimthepancham by BearonCommissions Source [1] Today’s Featured Image is quite possibly the oldest Zootopia crossover pic in existence; it was created on October 30, 2015.  (That’s more than three months before Zootopia’s US release.)  And that brings us to the […]


Story: Tiny

Art by TurningTides [Rating T13][Fluff][Angst][Drama][Slice of Life] Do not let the title mislead you, as Pandora introduces a new potential member to the Hopps family, a rather ginormous Flemish Giant rabbit who will soon be Judy’s new brother-in-law. But with […]


Art of The Day #483

Technical Difficulties by Bitchimadorable Source [1] The Art of the Day Page is Currently Experiencing Technical Difficulties Please Stand By Actually, no it isn’t; (made you look!)  But as long as you’re here, why not check out the rest of […]