Creative Profiles #4: TheoreticallyEva

Source Hello and welcome to another Creative Profile! This time the profile will be for a writer who I consider a good friend, a wonderful person, and one absolutely amazing person to proliferate prose properly! So, without further ado, let’s […]


Story: Explosive Love

Source [Romance][Action][Humor][Incomplete][M-16] By: Bluelighthouse With Explosive Love, Bluelighthouse notches another formidable entry into their canon of Zootopia fanfics. This time around? A bit of a love story, and certainly some fluff to go with it; newfound romantic feelings between Judy […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: April 27, 2019

Source No newly completed stories like the last two update posts, but we’ve still got three fics to show off, which is more than we sometimes get for weekend posts, so… woo! After you’re finished checking out these rad ol’ […]


Story: Shadows, Assumptions and Lies

Source [Romance][Humor][Period Piece][AU][T-13][Complete] By: ScaraMedn An AU that reimagines the story of Zootopia in an aristocratic world rife with feuding houses and other disputes — but that’s not for Judith Hopps to worry about. Her focus? Finding a suitor before […]


Art of the Day #329

Li’l Nick and Judy by AAR0NJAY Source [1] You have to love today’s featured image; it’s a spot-on rendition of little Nick and Judy as they appeared in the Zootopia Younger Reader graphic novel series. And that’s only a sample […]


Comic: Texting Hustle (by Knoton13)

Source: Knoton13 Who could have guessed that Chief Bogo liked to read Wildehopps fanfics? Members of the community familiar with Knoton13’s popular comic Beyond the Veil will be pleased to catch wind of this other lovely comic of theirs centered […]


Story: Guardian Blue: The Duke of Absolution

Source [Humor][Slice-of-Life][Series][Complete][T-13] By: Alps_Sarsis The Duke of Absolution isn’t just another strong entry into the Guardian Blue canon. It’s also an exemplary instance of Duke Weaselton getting a starring role — a bit of a rarity in the fandom, though […]