Comic: Robohopps (By Nauyaco)

Source Otto Von Bismarck once said, “Never believe anything in politics until it has officially been denied.” People often cite politics as a vile and unsavory practice, but of course, there are those who always try to do the best […]


Art of the Day #411

Lounging in Little Rodentia by goattrain Source [1] You know….if Judy were to turn around right now, I wouldn’t want to be in Nick’s fur, (and that’s not even mentioning what’ll happen if Fru-Fru’s dad finds out; I don’t think […]


Art of the Day #409

Reflections-Judy Hopps by ThankU Source [1] Marching to the promised land Where the honey flows And takes you by the hand Pulls you down on your knees While you’re down a pool appears The face in the water looks up […]


Art of the Day #407

Judy Hopps [South Park Style] by TheBigGeeWhizz Source [1] You will respect her autoritah! Hello again, one and all, and welcome to this week’s random gathering of Zootopia fanart. We’ve got another great collection on tap this week, so let’s […]


Comic: Just An Idea (By AHappyPichu)

Source Who says Nick doesn’t make a great father? Ahappypichu sheds a humorous light on Nick and Finnick’s conning partnership with this take on their day-to-day shenanigans. Give the artist a follow on Tumblr if you haven’t already!


Art of the Day #405

Hide and seek by Hareluca Source [1] Hello again, everyone. Today’s featured pic is a marvelous artwork, showing little Nick and Judy playing hide and seek with another young fox and bunny.  (You don’t see too many images of little […]


Zootopia Animator Tweets Another Animation Process Video

(Still: David Stodolny on Twitter) Yesterday’s post about newly surfaced behind-the-scenes animation blocking from Zootopia animator David Stodolny already has a sequel, as he posted another such clip late last night. Much like his first tweet on the matter, the […]


And the winners are…

Hello ladies and gentlemammals!  Hope you’re all having a wonderful new year. Now that it’s been about a week since we started the voting for the Christmas Art Contest, it’s time to announce the results!  Remember, the winner gets any […]