Brooklyn 99 References Zootopia!

Zootopia 99, by donenayasart

Brooklyn 99, one of the best and funniest cop shows around, finally did the thing!  That’s right, after all our years of making crossover comics and art, they sorta kinda returned the favor!

In the latest episode (Season 6 episode 10), they make a joke that references Zootopia. The clip isn’t on Youtube yet, but if you want to check it out for yourself, head over to, where they let you watch the latest episodes of the show for a while!  And it’s pretty early on- you can catch it at about 1:45.  But let’s be real, it’s worth watching the rest of the episode, because Brooklyn 99 is just that good.

Check it out here!  Brooklyn 99 Season 6 Episode 10


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  1. Just watched the clip, that was quite a good giggle! Love it that Zootopia is steadily making a bigger presence in pop culture as a whole.

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