Art of the Day #296

Zootopia fanart by Xinzhou Liao Source [1] As you can see, Judy’s Meter Maid Car is versatile ride, with many other uses besides serving as a simple conveyance for writing parking tickets. Nick Wilde however, does not seem to appreciate […]


A New Deleted Scene Emerges!

Looks like minorsaurus_rex, an animator at Disney, has uploaded an earlier version of Judy’s police academy graduation on instagram! It’s a bit different than what was used for the finale scene, and I think Judy didn’t make valedictorian in this draft? Either […]

Art of the Day #294

Art of the Day #294

Mona Nick by murlik Source [1] Y’know…it’s amazing how many pics we have in the archive that have never been posted to an Art of the Day Album. (I wonder WHY…) Anyways, welcome to our latest random collection of Zootopia […]


Art of the Day #292

Tomorrow is a Good Day by @g0masolt Source [1] “Now there’s something you don’t see very day, Chauncey.” “What’s that, Edgar?” “An Impressionist piece of Zootopia fan-art.” No, you don’t, and there’s another one here in our latest collection as […]


A Merry Little Tag-Along (by Qalcove)

It’s the holiday season, folks, so you know what that means: adorable Christmas comics!  There’s really not too much more to say, this is just pure fluff and I love it. Check out this cute comic drawn by Qalcove and written […]


Art of the Day #290

See The Light by The Wyvern’s Weaver Source [1] Hmmmm, city-fox Nick doesn’t seem to have the same appreciation for that crop of fireflies as country-bunny Judy. Oh well, maybe she can convince him. In the meantime, we present for […]


Special Art of the Day #289: Get Your Pawpsicles!

tumblr_o7l77eh1Of1rpyid0o1_1280 by weketa Source [1] If there one prop in the Zootopia universe that can rival Judy’s Carrot-Pen for popularity, it would have to be Nick Wilde’s Pawpsicles. You see their image posted on every Zootopia Fan-page. recipes for making […]


Story: Fox Dens and Rabbit Trails: Santa Clawed

[Rating K9][Humor][Holiday][Incomplete] A great follow-up story to the previous featured “Fox Dens and Rabbit Trails: Christmas in Bunnyburrow”, we now find Nick back into the midst of Judy’s hometown, this time undercover as the good ol’ jolly Santa and assigned […]


Art of the Day #288

Ricktopia Rick and Morty by Borba Source [1] Heh, it’s about TIME someone drew a Zootopia X Rick and Morty crossover pic… though I will admit this one was worth the wait; Borba (the artist) just nailed the R&M animation […]