Story: Of Your Complexion

Art by fogreptile [Rating T13][Comedy][Romance][AU][Incomplete] Shakespeare fan? Then check out “Of Your Complexion,” a retelling of the legendary playwright’s gender-bending presentation “Twelfth Night” with — you guessed it! — characters from Zootopia. Even if you prefer your storylines written sometime […]


Art of the Day #225

Streetscene by @_KING_GIDORA_ Source [1] Hmmm, what’s going on here, I wonder? Everybody but Nick seems to be perfectly happy about being seen on a surveillance cam (or is that a drone?). It’s almost as if he’s afraid of being […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: 28 June 2018

Let’s just cut to the chase so you can get right to reading! Seven days since our last story update post and seven stories that received a new chapter during that time. Mysteries, thrillers, WildeHopps shenanigans, we got it all […]


Story: Inked

Art by gabbyzapata [Rating K9][Romance][One-shot] Getting inked is (usually) a huge process that requires a lot of thought; after all, tattoos are permanent. So while it might not seem like something mammals would get due to their fur nor does […]


Art of the Day #224: Selfie!

Nick Judy Selfie by @munya_chuu Source [1] Oh, the famous selfie. Since 2013, when it became the word of the year, people couldn’t stop taking photos of themselves in interesting situations and places. In the city of Zootopia it’s no […]


Art of the Day #223

Cherry Blossom by weketa Source [1] Nick and Judy together under the falling cherry blossoms. I really like this GIF; it has almost an impressionist feel to it. (And how can they NOT want to ship after this?) And so […]


Story: The Dead Waltz

Art by gerardson [Rating K9][Mystery][Drama][Sequel] One of the premier pieces of Zootopia fanfiction in 2016, “The Redemption of Gideon Grey,” finally has its long-awaited sequel! Starting off strong with a perplexing crime scene, “The Dead Waltz” continues the journey of […]


Story: The Brothers Wilde

Art by A-KA [Rating M16][Action][Adventure][AU][Complete] When you’re a con-mammal, how can you be so sure what in life is real and what’s just part of the heist? “The Brothers Wilde,” based on the 2008 film “The Brothers Bloom” starring Adrien […]