Comic Dub: ASK US (by MickelPickelVoiceActs and Qalcove)

I really want more of these! Just think about it, Nick and Judy answering questions from fan likes us like one of those Q&A sessions you’d see from other Youtubers and showing little banters here and there. 

Now here’s a unique one! “Ask Us” by MickelPickelVoiceActs and CasVoiceActs shows our favorite duo answering questions from the fandom of Zootopia! With the first question, being a little embarrassing for Judy to answer!

If you head over to Qalcoves Deviantart, you can actually ask questions for “Ask Us #3” for Nick and Judy to answer!

I surely can’t wait for more from Mickel and Qalcove, You can check out the full comic dub right after the break!


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