Special Art of the Day #256: Koslov, The Polar Bear

Polar Bear Zootopia by NBQuaternion
Source [1]

Hey, you’d be wearing a dour expression too if Disney busted you back from a major speaking role to what was basically a walk-on part.

Koslov, Mr. Big’s bodyguard and chief enforcer was the original kingpin of Tundratown.  In that role he was the quintessential Russian mobster, loud, brash, and avuncular; quick to laugh, but don’t ever make him angry. He also enjoyed a close relationship with his son, Morris.  Ironically enough that situation would play a major role in the ‘shock collar’ version of Zootopia being discarded for the one we saw in the theaters. (More about that below.)

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Concept pic from the Zistopia version of the film.  Koslov reading Nick Wilde the Riot Act, with Judy undercover. (Note the tip of her tail peeking through the top of Nick’s hat.) 

That time Nick wore that Funny Hat in Tundratwon by @ByronPHoward
Source [2]
More early concept art, the interior of Koslov’s restaurant in Tundratown.  Note the seal-waiter with the tray balanced on his nose and the walrus tending bar.  This is actually a slightly different take on the above scene.  There’s Koslov, over on the left with Nick, and if you look very closely, you can just make out the tip of Judy’s tail.

Kozlov’s restaurant by Matthias Lechner
Source [3]
The restaurant wasn’t Koslov’s only business in the early version of Zootopia.  Here we see him inside the freezer of his fish-processing plant and again, look very closely; you can see Nick and Judy, suspended upside down in front of him.

Koslov’s Freezer by Armand Serrano
Source [4]

Zootopia Polar Bear by spyro-horizon
Source [5]
This bear can go from melancholy…

Koslov Sketch by gatomontes2
Source [6]
…to menacing at the drop of a hat.

Fanart Friday #4 by ethancostas
Source [7]

Zootopia Bear by leozeke
Source [8]

Bodyguard by かわいいBEAR
Source [9]
I TOLD you not to make him mad, but you didn’t want to listen!

White as Snow by flakjackal
Source [10]
These three arctic vixens originally served as Koslov’s private massage therapists.

Kozlov’s Angels by strangerkate
Source [11]
Interesting re-imagining of Koslov.  I’m not exactly sure what’s going on here, but I get a very strong Yakuza vibe from both this picture and the one below..

cos 8.1 by 杯具螺旋丸
Source [12]

Koslov selfie by 杯具螺旋丸
Source [13]
I-I-I don’t think that look quite suits you big guy

Theme Makeover by gitol93
Source [14]
LOL To me Koslov is looking like, “How did I ever get stuck with THESE two?”

Kozlov Finnick and Gideon by @nenheixiye
Source [15]
Koslov with Mr. Big and Mr. Manchas. Looks like somebody’s about to be made an offer they can’t refuse.

Zootopia-Mr. Big by kap
Source [16]
A sketch of Koslov with his soldiers, Raymond and Kevin.

Zootopia Polar Bear Doodles by 6spiritkings
Source [17]
Here they are again.

Zootopia Art Raymond and Kevin by 6spiritkings
Source [18]
“And just what do you think you’re doing in Mr. Big’s limo, fox…bunny?”

zootopia bear by balco-ra
Source [19]
Taking a ride.

Zootopia – Oh, sweet cheese and crackers by weischede
Source [20]
Koslov with his son Morris, a tender scene…rushing headlong towards a heartbreaking conclusion.

Family by blindcoyote
Source [21]
Everyone pretty much knows by now that it was the tame (shock) collar concept, more than anything else, that led to Zootopia’s change of script.  But what really did it was the scene depicted in the last two pictures in this album, the taming party.  In that sequence, young Morris was fitted with a tame-collar for the very first time, only to discover that there was steep price to pay for being ‘welcomed’ into Zootopia..

Morris from Zootopia on His Birthday by aqvilarostrvm
Source [22]

Zootopia Collar Version – It Hurts by caseyjones
Source [23]
While the tame collar idea didn’t go over well in general with Zootopia’s early test audiences, the reaction to the Taming Party (see below) was especially negative.  It was this that finally led the producers to drop the ‘Zistopia’ story-line in favor of a new one.

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