Story: Trustworthy

Art by Anto-Z

[Rating K9][Friendship][Humor][One-shot]

An unexpected sighting on her day off has Judy wondering if Nick is reverting back to his old ways, or is there more to it than that? I won’t give away what the surprise is, but just know that you’ll get a kick out of “Trustworthy” if you like feel-good fanfiction with a dash of comedy and light drama to enliven things up a bit. It’s a short read as well, thirty minutes tops to get through it all, and although it’s essentially a one-shot, there’s a brief, heartwarming blurb of a second chapter that concludes the piece quite nicely, so don’t forget to give that a look too after finishing the story proper. Pleasant in more ways than one, and as an added challenge, see if you can guess what Nick’s up to before its big reveal! ~DrummerMax64

Author: Thisisalongname

Description :
Judy sees Nick doing the same thing he was doing when they first met. She decides to follow and confront him.

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Additional Tags: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…?


  1. While the lovely artwork shown in this article has a subject somewhat along the lines of the story it isn't actually artwork for this nice story. Judy does catch Nick running what appears to be a hustle but it is not the shell game.

    • Agreed, it may not be exactly what Nick is doing in the story, but it does show the basic concept of Judy catching Nick that he's trying to hide from her. This particular artwork is also the one the author used for the story on, so that's the main reason why we featured it along with the story in the post.

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