Art of the Day #251

Crossover on the Mafia by AndrejSKalin Source [1] Nick joins the Mafia, circa 1959. (That’s the Brooklyn Bridge in the background by the way.) Regrettably, he can’t hang around; he has a date at a tollbooth with Sonny Corlione. In […]


Story: Take A Stand: The Broken Mirror

Art by Ziegelzeig [Rating T13][Adventure][Sci-Fi][Action][Romance][Crossover] It all comes down to this. Take A Stand fans, prepare for awesomeness, because the long-awaited finale of the series is finally here, representing a culmination of everything that’s happened so far and even throwing […]


Art of the Day #249

Emperor Judy Hopps of Zootopai by Kendall Collins Source [1] There’s been a lot of Zootopia fan-art over the years that makes reference to obscure subjects, but this one really gets out there. It shows Judy as Emperor Norton I, […]


Story: Words Like Water

Art by ILACAVGBMJC [Rating K9][Hurt/Comfort][Friendship][Angst][Complete] Cheese and crackers! “Words Like Water” is a heartfelt story, one that dives into the bias that can be ingrained in someone and how it can unintentionally affect others around them. The raw emotions that […]

Art of the day

Art of the Day #247

bogo moticational by drawveller Source [1] He want YOU to get back on your tablet and start producing. (Hey these albums don’t fill up themselves, y’ know) Enjoy, and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: 4 August 2018 – Uncaged

And here’s the other fanfiction that was recently completed, J Shute Norway’s extremely dark and engrossing thriller “A Lead Role in a Cage.” You best prepare yourself before reading these last few chapters, because they wrap things up in a […]


Story: The Incredimammals

Art by MurLik [Rating T13][Humor][Romance][Action][Crossover] In this world there a few combinations that transcend the things they combine into something magnificent. Chocolate and Peanut Butter … Coffee and Creamer … Wilde and Hopps … Zootopia and the Incredibles. Pull Together’s […]


Art of the Day #245

3D Sculpt Gazelle by @ManuelDeJorge Source [1] Hello everyone Here we have the final version of Manuel De Jorge’s 3D CGI-Sculpt of Gazelle*, as featured in ZNN  Art of the Day #243  You can also find an animated ‘turntable’ gif […]


Story: Jack of All Trades

Art by RadicalRobo [Rating T13][Adventure][Friendship][One-shot] Because of the original concepts for the film, Jack Savage was made out to be your all-around spy – suave, strapping, collected, a bona fide badass, but what if he wasn’t that kind of character? […]