Special Art of the Day #254: Featured Artist – iPoke

Joining the pool (by iPoke) by iPoke
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Every picture tells a story, so they say…and among the ranks of Zootopia Fan-Artists, nobody does it better than iPoke. Look at the details of the title pic, the ledger on Clawhauser’s desk alone speaks volumes. Now look at Nick and Judy; you can tell by their body language that they haven’t a clue as to what’s going on behind them.

This is why iPoke is my personal favorite Zootopa Fan Artist, (and I wish he’d get active again.)

Enjoy…and be sure to check out his gallery on FurAffinity. (Also be sure to check back here later today; we’re also going to feature some of iPoke’s comics.)

Get your art after the break!

Hmmmm, so who do you suppose won that betting pool?

Partner by iPoke
Source [2]
A rather novel rendering of Nick and Judy.

Black Milk by iPoke
Source [3]
Another area in which iPoke excels is producing artwork where at first glance, you’re not quite sure what’s going on…but then as you study the image a little more closely, further details become evident.

Not All Hopps and Robbers by iPoke
Source [4]
Here’s another image that tells a story.

21 guns by iPoke
Source [5]
Nick Wilde’s Police Academy Days.  You’ve got to love Judy’s expression in this one.

Greeting From The Academy by iPoke
Source [6]
But you are standing on his tail….

Oh Molten Heart of Mine by iPoke
Source [7]
There is nothing, absolutely nothing more terrifying than when you open your mouth for the dentist and he gets that expression on his face.
(Lucky for Nick, he can’t see it.)

Specialist in the Field by iPoke
Source [8]
This pic is something of a departure for iPoke, he almost never does crossover artwork, and this is the only Zootopia crossover he’s even drawn.

It’s called a changeover… by iPoke
Source [9]
LOL!  Only Judy Hopps would smile like THAT while wearing tac-gear.

Six Shooter by iPoke
Source [10]
This is the pic that first turned me on to iPoke’s work.  I always imagine that the band is playing Avalon by Foxy Music.

… +1 by iPoke
Source [11]
…and so is she.  LOL!

Payback’s a Bitch by iPoke
Source [12]
iPokes first Zootopia Fan-pic

Other Affairs by iPoke
Source [13]

Sleepout by iPoke
Source [14]
Ever the wiseguy is our Nick.

Natually Gifted by iPoke
Source [15]
I-I-I wouldn’t do that if I were you, fox.

Office Shenanigans by iPoke
Source [16]
Take a good look at these character sheets; the animals here will show up later in the iPoke comic.

ZPD characters by iPoke
Source [17]

ZPD Characters 2 by iPoke
Source [18]
iPoke’s last piece of Zootopia Fan-Art…and hopefully not THE last one we’ll ever see from him.

A furry Merry Christmas to all by iPoke
Source [19]
Until next time….

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  1. Wow, just….wow this is good art i cannot believe i have not seen this before..the artist is so detailed its crazy..it almost feels like you could reach out and touch that fur it is that detailed

    This artist is top notch for sure…just love it <3

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