Special Art of the Day #252: Zootopia Goes West

The Wild Wild West by akella33
Source [1]

Saddle up everyone, it’s time to head out west with Nick, Judy, and the rest of the Wilde Bunch, coz today we feature a collection of Zootopia X Western crossover art.

And alwasy remember, there are two kinds of animals in the world, those who dig and those with fangs…and Nick has the fangs so Judy digs.

Get your art after the break!

We begin with something a bit Cartoony, Judy Hopps in the role of Lucky Luke.

Judy Hopps as Lucky Luke by ccb-18
Source [2]
Return with us now to those bygone days of black-and-white animation and rubber limbs.

Old West Pest by jackorjohnt
Source [3]

Judy and Nick Frontier Justice by sword-of-akasha
Source [4]

Sheriff’s Deputies by aca-draw
Source [5]
Enjoy it while you can, Nick…

Zootopia(Western) by mysmegasuslik
Source [6]
You’re about to be deputized.  
(He just hates playing second-fiddle to Judy.)

Legend of Marshall Judy Hopps by KendallCollins
Source [7]
And now a series of more pics by Kendall Collins, featuring Zootopia as re-imagined by the immortal Sergio Leone.

Zootopia, Sergio Leone Style by KendallCollins
Source [8]

Zootopia Sergio Leone Style pt 2 by KendallCollins
Source [9]

Zootopia, Sergio Leone Style pt. 3 by KendallCollins
Source [10]
Now, what song do you suppose Gazelle is performing?  (Sorry, had to do it.)

Zootopia, Sergio Leone Style Pt 4 by KendallCollins
Source [11]

Zootopia, Sergio Leone Style Pt. 5 by KendallCollins
Source [12]

Since we’re going down the Spaghetti Western road, here’s a few of Nick as the Fox with No Name

Stare by haisulfull
Source [13]

Cowboy by AndrejSKalin
Source [14]

Wild(e) West by foxefuel
Source [15]

Cowboy in Sahara Square by fatboycandance
Source [16]
I don’t know why, but this pic makes me think of Christian Bale and Russell Crowe in 3:10 to Yuma

The Wilde West by thewyvern’sweaver
Source [17]
Okay we’re cheating a little bit here; Overwatch isn’t strictly speaking a western.  But what the heck, they’re some good pics.

Judy Oxton and Nick Mccree by spacemaxmarine
Source [18]

McCree Nick by Trigger03
Source [19]
Well…why should Nick get to play McCree all the time?

Judy McCree by robsa990
Source [20]
We close with a Pic of Nick and Judy being chased by by the legendary Pecos Bill.  (That’s the artist Andrew Chesworth in the role of PB)

Nick and Jusy vs. Pecos Bill by @A_Chesworth
Source [21]
Here’s the original:

Until next time, podners!

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