ZNN’s Second Halloween Contest

Hello! This is Lucario389, and today we will be announcing this years Halloween art contest details. Last year we only 1 winner who got a plushie made in the image of their art. This time around we will have 4 winners because we have 4 sections to enter for the contest!

That’s right, four sections with four winners. The sections will be cute (non-romantic), scary (but still sfw) romantic (again, sfw) and for those who can’t draw but wish to be apart of it, we have a coloring section for the contest. FeverWildeHopps has been kind enough to give us a “blank canvas” so to speak for those who wish to test your coloring skills.

The winner of each section will receive a Zootopia artbook (and if you wish for something else we can discuss that at a later time.) and after that there will be a “best in show” in where the winners will face off against each other for the grand prize, custom made plushie of the art that won (up to a max of two). We will tell you all how to enter at a later time as well as show the “blank canvas” and how the coloring section of the contest will work. Once again, we will be selecting winners based on community votes, so clear your schedules for October and prepare for ZNN’s Halloween contest of 2018!

Just as a reminder this contest will be following our basic submission guidelines which you can find here.


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