Story: The Fire Triangle, Prologue — Escape From Zoo York

Art by Merc_Marten

[Rating T13][Mystery][Suspense][Action][Prequel][Complete]

Merc_Marten’s epic Fire Triangle series kicks off with a bang with “Escape from Zoo York,” a story that retains the best elements of its successor while introducing an imaginative, intriguing big-city playground for organized crime. New Yorkers will enjoy the copious references to the city’s real-life locations, while readers of all walks of life should find the exhilarating setup to Fire Triangle’s later events a formidable, entertaining read. Fans of suspenseful action thrillers — as well as folks who enjoy well-developed, impactful OCs — should find plenty to love here. ~YFWE

Author: Merc_Marten

Description :
It is the year before the savage predator crisis. Nick Wilde is hustling pawpsicles and Judy Hopps is preparing to enter the Zootopia Police Academy. Meanwhile, in another city, a ruthless billionaire prepares to make certain that the true secret of Nighthowler serum will never see the light of day. There’s only one thing he didn’t count on…

The Fire Triangle, Prologue — Escape From Zoo York
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Additional Tags: no but really as a native new yorker the references are killer lol