Special Art of the Day #258: Steampunk Zootopia

Steamtopia by dol2006
Source [1]

Alternative style universes are always fun to imagine and illustrate. In this art of the day, all of our entrees are the world of Zootopia, but mixed in with a little steampower and victorian inspired apparel. Steampunk can be interpreted in many different ways, below we have a collection of select artist’s views and and crossovers with different levels of steampunk as well as some video games and movies.

Steampunk can be anything from a magical mysterious force that powers a floating 1900’s city filled with pompous, rich, monocle-wearing citizens, to a gritty, greasy, and geared-up world with post apocalyptic struggles. Steampunk usually requires a good bit of imagineering as well, which is why many view it to be so interesting.

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(Intro courtesy of Steampowered Fox. Many thanks, bruh.)

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There is another version of this same image further down the list

Zootopia Bioshock Infinite Crossover by sasukedll7170
Source [2]
Nick looks almost like a Steampunk version of Doctor Who in this one

Steampunk NIck and Judy by @mortic_ox
Source [3]

Judy and Nick – Steampunk (Color) by shadeink
Source [4]
Big thanks to Steampoweredfox for finding the next two pics.  These are classic Steampunk.

zoohaven2 by monoflax
Source [5]

zoohaven3_2 by monoflax
Source [6]
Well, why should Nick and Judy have all the fun?

Steampunk Style (with a touch of color) by aoiremart
Source [7]

NickJudy Steampunk by 粥
Source [8]

Victorian Style Zootopia by Drone0
Source [9]
You’ve got to love that steampunk’d version of Judy’s carrot-pen he’s holding

Nick Wilde DL by DragonisLera
Source [10]
Zootopia X Dishonored crossover.  This pic is the first of several

Dishonored by thatotherwhaleoil
Source [11]

Steampunk Judy Color by theblueberrycarrots
Source [12]

Dishonored Crossover by ziegelzeig
Source [13]

Zootopian Borderlands by steampoweredfoxes
Source [14]

Now here is a pic that’s really elegant, a Steampunk version of Judy’s meter-maid car–that flies, yet!

Judy Hopps The Cop Bunny by @OTenyakova
Source [15]

Steampunk by @Nyxsiern
Source [16]

Zootopia X Bravely by hayashi88
Source [17]
Slightly different version of that first Zootopia X Bioshock pic.

Zooshock Infinite by ziegelzeig
Source [18]
More Bioshock; yep that’s the Nick and Judy we we know from Zootopia.

Zootopia Infinite by firefoxprojectt
Source [19]

The Dishonored by thewyvernsweaver
Source [20]

Judy Steamtopian by dol2006
Source [21]

The Path of Destinies by thewyvernsweaver
Source [22]

It’s worth remembering that the Disney Studio is no stranger to the Steampunk genre.  Their fifth live-action feature, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, remains one of the great Steampunk films of all time.

Likewise, many elements of  the Steampunk Universe found their way into at least three of Disney’s animated movies, Atlantis, the Lost Empire, Treasure Planet, and especially The Great Mouse Detective.

Treasure Planet Zootopia AU by quirky-middle-child
Source [23]
Amber and Basil Zootopified

GMD X Zootopia by als 123
Source [24]
Last, but not least, there was at least one Steampunk element in Zootopia itself, the Rainforest Blimp we saw during Judy’s ‘Try Everything’ train journey.  Here are a couple concept pieces showing the design and also showing it in action.

Zootopia Blimp by jimjam-art
Source [25]

Rainforest Drawbridge by Matthais Lechner
Source [26]
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