Story: Sunflowers

Art by Ruby–Art

[Rating K9][Hurt/Comfort][Family][Friendship][One-shot]

A well-composed, Nick-centric one-shot that’s a heartfelt crowd-pleaser, something everyone is sure to enjoy a great deal and, most likely, will bring out the waterworks for a few folks, too. Taking place over Nick’s first couple of weeks as an officer of the law, “Sunflowers” shows us his dependability and competence as a cop working solo, as well as his various interactions with several citizens and how he assists them with their troubles. There’s even one or two big surprises in store for him during his time on the beat, which I know will affect all of you readers as much as they did me. In short, this is a memorable standout among other Zootopia one-shots for its sincerity, wholesomeness, and superb portrayal of one Mr. Nicholas Wilde. ~DrummerMax64

Author: ciaconnaa

Description :
The first two weeks of Nick Wilde’s police career would be considered incredibly boring by most, if not all, mammals. But it doesn’t mean it’s not important.

or; in which Nick has to spend his first two weeks as an officer hacking it alone, and meets some unforgettable people along the way.


Additional Tags: Stand tall, be happy, and keep on shining.


  1. It is a fun, charming and touching story dealing with Nick going it alone on various ZPD assignments. My only complaint is that the story requires me to accept that Judy somehow allowed herself to be forced into a two-week vacation on the day Nick starts work. I know it's required for the story to work but given what we know of Judy's overpowering enthusiasm and idealism, it's just a little hard to buy that she would willingly not be there on Nick's first day even if she had to show up off-duty as a civilian.

    • No worries, that's a fair point you made. It was a liberty the author had to make with the story so it could be possible for Nick to be working alone during his first few days on the force, which as we all know wasn't the case at the end of the movie where he's partnered up with Judy for day one. Still, it doesn't take away from the emotional impact of the one-shot as a whole, and it resulted in some genuinely affecting moments for him.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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