ZNN 2018 Halloween Contest Reminder

✨🎃2016Halloween!!👻✨ by @noko_ume_ Source [13] Hello! It’s Lucario389 here to remind you that the final day for submissions for the ZNN 2018 Halloween Contest is Monday at 11:59 p.m., October 22nd. The next day will be the day we start the […]


ZNN 2nd Halloween Contest Update

Preview of contest image, by FeverWildeHopps Hello, Zootopia fans of all ages!  Lucario389 here again to give you some important updates on the Halloween contest that will be happening in October. If you weren’t aware you can check the post […]


And The Winner Is!

ID2018 by TheWyvernsWeaver Hello there, Lucario389 here to tell you who the winner of our most recent interview vote is! I am glad to tell you that Kulkum and TheWyvern’sWeaver are the winners of the voting process. Now, you are […]


Story: Don’t Let Go

Art by Caliosidhe [Rating T13][Mystery][Romance][Angst][Crime][Drama] This amazing work has quickly become one of my new favorite stories in the fandom. Nick and Judy venture into a brand new case that will test their wits and have them deal with an […]


Art of the Day #126

Nick Wilde 😀 by AndrejSKalin Source [1] Are those earbuds drawn on there?! Oh, wait I’ve been bamboozled! That’s a great trick, I thought they weren’t real for a second there. Here we have an amazing series of drawings by […]