Fact Fiend cover’s Gazelle… ‘s Booty

[Warning: Language and Alcohol.  It’s a drunk Irishman rambling about Zootopia, what do you expect?]

One of my personal favorite channels on YouTube is Fact Fiend – With Karl Smallwood.  It’s a very fun channel starring… well, Karl Smallwood, obviously.  For those who have never heard of him, he’s an Irishman who’s made a name for himself doing research for blogs and websites that collect and feature interesting things.  Some genius somewhere decided to give him a YouTube channel, and the result is fantastic- a combination of fun facts, interesting stories, hyperbole, and comedy.  This is a guy who can take random tidbits of information (which are all true, by the way, he cites his sources) and make them incredibly entertaining.

And today, after a couple of beers, he’s covering Zootopia.  Specifically, he’s talking about Gazelle.  A specific part of Gazelle.  The part that makes Clawhauser go

No falsehoods originate from that posterior.

The video, while rambling and all over the place, is based on an article he wrote for the website Fact Fiend, so check that out if you want.  And if I haven’t already scared you off with the description, check out the video after the break!

…really, he talks about gazelle’s booty for so long, but doesn’t mention the highly sexual tigers dancing around her?  Missed opportunity.


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