Story: Teeth of the Damned

Art by Spirit_Vulpes [Rating M16][Horror][Comedy][Hurt/Comfort][AU] The howling dead come to Zootopia in this gripping post-apocalyptical adventure horror. With the night howler plot having a terrifyingly unintended outcome, Judy must reunite with old friends and venture back from her exile to […]

When Night Falls

Story: When Night Falls

Art by Kikis-Art-Journey [Rating M16][Romance][Crime][Drama][Sequel] How can you follow up the most popular Zootopia fanfic of all time? How can anything even match up to it? Well, upplet, faced with this daunting task, has risen up to the challenge in […]


Story: Vootopia

Art by iPoke [Rating M16][Drama][Supernatural][Complete] Judy is sensing a bad juju here, as it turns out that magic isn’t just confined to Halloween. For this spooky story, ubernoner weaves together an intriguing and fun tale where it turns out that […]


Comic: Zootopia Badge (By: Xiraxis)

Source Despite all the beauty and opportunity a city like Zootopia has (it is where “anybody can be anything” after all) the city is not without its shortcomings. Not everybody gets to live happily and not every place is safe […]

A Reason to Dance with You

Story: A Reason to Dance with You

Art by SlashySlashy [Rating M16][Romance][Police Procedural][Slice of Life] Wow. This story nails so many things. It can be a challenge to write a scene and either rush it or not spend enough time developing it, but that is not the […]

Let's be real. We HAD to feature a Beastars crossover sooner or later.

Story: Zoostars

by J Shute [M16][Crossover][Beastars][Fluff][Angst][Mystery][Comedy][Romance][Complete] Ah, Beastars… The manga/anime many have called a darker, stranger take on Zootopia… Someone had to meld these two worlds together, and that someone it seems is J Shute! Here we see some interesting inter-franchise friendships, humorous […]

Fox in the Burrowhouse, Bun in the City

Story: The Long Game

by Mikey2084 [Drama][Romance][M16] We’ve seen plenty of fics showing the dynamic duo of Nick and Judy getting on well together. This story offers something new, having the fox leave for Bunnyburrow while Judy has her own case in the city. With […]

It's always darkest before dawn…

Story: A Ray of Hope

by Camoss [Mystery][Thriller][Violence][M-18+] Looking for something a bit dark and grisly? Here you are! The story does have many lighter moments, and writes our favorite cop duo in way that’s slightly different, yet still true to who they are. If you […]


Story: Out of Ashes

Source: bmanlegoboy, provided [Drama][Action][M-16][Incomplete] By: Joseph WildeHopps Out of Ashes begins with an intriguing question: what if someone with an actual monster living inside of them was to be transported suddenly to the world of Zootopia — and that monster […]

Clockwork Little Madness

Story: Clockwork Little Madness

Art by Empressimperia [Rating M16][Adventure][Horror][Mystery][Suspense][AU][Sequel] The Rain of Blue Petals trilogy prowls on ahead with the next story in its ferocious take on the T.A.M.E. collar universe! Just like a strategic game of chess, the characters and twists are expertly […]


Story: The 10-7

Source [Humor][Action][M-16][Incomplete] By: Bluelighthouse The 10-7, a bar featured in multiple Zootopia fanfics, gets its time in the spotlight as the general setting of Bluelighthouse’s latest offering. With a mix of action and humor afoot, The 10-7 is in its […]


Story: Explosive Love

Source [Romance][Action][Humor][Incomplete][M-16] By: Bluelighthouse With Explosive Love, Bluelighthouse notches another formidable entry into their canon of Zootopia fanfics. This time around? A bit of a love story, and certainly some fluff to go with it; newfound romantic feelings between Judy […]


Story: The Sons of Efrafa: U Methrah Thlayli

Source: RobertFiddler [Action][Prequel][Crossover][M-16][Complete] By: ubernoner Ubernoner’s The Sons of Efrafa is one of the fandom’s choicest examples of worldbuilding and expansion on the universe of Zootopia as we know it (thanks in large part to crossover elements with Richard Adams’ […]


Story: Do No Harm

Source: ubermunchkin [Drama][Action][War][M-16][Complete] By: Ubermunchkin There’s a strange beauty in the writing of Do No Harm that’s difficult to describe. Despite handling lofty issues such as modern war and its many nuances, there’s a delicacy with which it’s written that […]


Story: End of Days

SOURCE: MOEALMIGHTY [Suspense][Romance][Action][Post-Apocalyptic][Incomplete][M-16] By: Discord1 Zootopia is under attack — well, more specifically, it’s been under attack for two years. Enter Nick and Judy, who are shaken from their newfound positions as partners at the ZPD and thrust into a […]


Story: Strong Paws

Source: Starfangsecrets [Crime][Romance][Hurt/Comfort][Humor][Sequel][M-16] By: Midnightopheliac Fans of Safe Paws, rejoice! Midnightopheliac is back and underway with the sequel to her fabulous WildeHopps story, which is undoubtedly one of the most well-known of its kind in the whole fandom. It starts […]


Story: Faith in Strangers

Art by Ian-exe [Hurt/Comfort][Crime][Friendship][M-16] By: Mangohyena Nick is on the lam, running from the law as well as mobsters who are out for his blood, and Judy is his unlucky hostage, caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. […]

art: tytoz

Story: Animals

Art: tytoz [Drama][Sci-Fi][Action][Crossover][Incomplete][M-16] By: Mattchewy This is a bit of a weird one; try to keep up. In the world of “Animals,” there are many dimensions, some similar to our own, and some akin to what we’ve seen in the […]


Story: The Sons of Efrafa

Art: FalloutFoxDraws [Action][Police Procedural][Crossover][Complete][M-16] Author: ubernoner Let’s talk really quick about Watership Down, the classic 1972 novel from Richard Adams. Featuring a warren of rabbits searching and fighting for freedom in the English countryside, the story is absolutely ripe for […]

not a hero

Story: Not a Hero

Art: Akapost on Tumblr [Suspense][Adventure][Superhero][Incomplete][M-16] By: Untraveled Superheroes: Zootopia edition! Except this one ain’t some crossover with an existing superhero franchise or even an AU where the characters assume the roles of beloved superheroes of yore. Instead, Untraveled cooks up […]


Story: Level 9

[Mystery][Crime][Suspense][Incomplete][M-16] Get ready for some twists and some turns. With “Level 9,” DetectiveWilde envisions Nick and Judy, now veterans of the ZPD (and married, how about that!), taking on a case that’s a bit of a head-scratcher. Why? Just when […]


Story: In the Embrace of Night

Art by The Phantom Beyond [Rating M16][Suspense][Horror][Holiday][One-shot] Mysterious happenings around the city of Zootopia kick off this spine-tingling one-shot, making our crime-fighting duo wonder if the enigmatic being they’re chasing is hostile and, quite possibly, supernatural. It isn’t long before […]