Story: The Fall: Violet Nightmare

Art by d3ath_0ps

[Rating M16][Drama][Hurt/Comfort]

A long time ago, we had a story about a wolf reporter dealing with his internal demons and hunting for the truth behind the howler crisis. Now, in a different world, that wolf has taken a different path, entering the ZPD and rising to detective. But though the howler crisis is ‘solved’, the mammals behind it are still out there and seeding chaos, while the demons Edward Snow has to deal with are so much bigger and larger this time up. A different set up, with new and reoccurring characters, and plenty of promise and angst. Easily worth checking out. -OH_Shoot

Author: d3ath_0ps

Description :
In an alternate timeline, Edward Snow would not be the one to uncover the Nighthowler conspiracy and take the fall. Instead, he would pursue strength and power of a different variety, limiting himself to only a few fractured relationships as the world around him collapsed into darkness. Returning to the ZPD after a lengthy absence, Chief Bogo has entrusted the wolf with a recruit plucked straight from the Academy. What could Edward possibly teach them after everything he’d endured?

The Fall: Violet Nightmare

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