Global Conflict – Escape From Baku

Art by Das-Leben


Not too long ago, the video game world was ruled by the mighty Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Black Ops series. A long time before that, there was the RTS glory of Command and Conquer, with the Generals series being a fan favorite for many. And coming up next? IDK, Super Animal Royal? Well, by the sound of it Alex Boehm thinks so! With a dash of inspiration from each, and our own Jack Savage and Skye to boot, load up as we’re going in for a thrilling mission behind enemy lines. -OH_Shoot

Author: Alex_Boehm

Description : “Baku, Azerbaijan, 2019. CIA Agents Jack Savage and Skye Winter are trapped in hostile territory with Delta Force Operators Cecilia Walker and Stryker Jackson. Russian and Chinese forces are closing in fast, but the Americans won’t go down without a fight. Can the four mammal squad get past incoming enemies and escape the city?”

Global Conflict – Escape From Baku

Additional Tags: “Bravo Six, going Bark! AK-47 for everybody!”

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