Story: Corrective Measures

Art by Relaxable


Nick moving to Bunnyburrow and having to go to school with Judy. A classic formula, but one this fic excels at gloriously. With a fantastic portrayal of Nick and his mother trying to get through a strained relationship and sheets of angst to cut through as thick as the summer heat, this story is one that from experience will make you feel emotions that just want to bubble and explode out. Beautifully written and excellently done. ~OH_Shoot

Author: Prince Solaris

Description :
Nick had lived in Zootopia his whole life. With the city being all he’s ever known, it came as a shock when his mother told him they were moving to a place he’d never heard of before. With only a year left in school, Nick knew it wouldn’t be easy adjusting to a new environment, but he was powerless to do anything about it. All he could was is try his best in a town that was ninety-five percent bunny, but with all that was bothering him as of late, he was unsure if he’d make it to graduation.

Corrective Measures

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